Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

1What is QT Office® anyway?
QT Office® is a software company that offers products specifically designed for Mary Kay® Consultants, Directors and Nationals that include Office Manager and Email Marketing. Every product in our product line is designed to help you to get the most out of your day by giving you the tools to succeed.
2How do I get started?
Just hit the "Sign Up" button and follow the prompts. If you run into any difficulty then contact us or give us a call at 888-440-7247 and we will be happy to help.
3What are your office hours?
Our team is in the office Monday - Friday, 10AM to 5PM ET. We offer phone support during these hours. You can also email us anytime, and a ticket will be created that we will respond to during normal business hours.
4Is my personal information safe?
Completely! We backup daily to a separate server. Even in the unlikely event that one server goes down, all your information will be restored from our backup.

QT Office Manager

1Why is QT Office® an online service and not software I install on my computer?
3 Major Reasons:

Protection- Because QT Office® is based online, you will never have to worry about your computer crashing, spilling a cup of coffee on your keyboard, or getting your laptop stolen. (Or the many other factors that can set you back). All your information is backed up securely on our servers.

Convenience- With QT Office® you can access your business information from any online location via your computer (Mac or Windows), tablet, or smartphone. This means that you will not have to keep up with little paper slips. You can also send invoices directly to your customers or print them on the spot.

Updating- Since we are a service, and not just software, we will automatically update new items in your inventory, seasonal changes, or upgrades - you don't have to do anything. Also new features that we add are available without having to install an update.
2Is QT Office® Manager easy to use?
It is very simple to use QT Office®. If you can use email, then you can use QT! It has been designed to be as easy and efficient to use as possible. We have instruction on the site by clicking the help button and full customer support Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM ET.
3What can I do with QT Office® Manager?
You can track your inventory, sales, expenses and income. View product history and customer purchase history. Create follow ups for your customers and consultants. Create reports of customers, invoices, inventory, and expenses. Track personal use and demo products, customer returns and exchanges. All your sales and expense information will automatically populate the Tax Report to making filing your taxes easier. And more!

Email Marketing

1Is there a limit to the number of emails I can send?
No. There is no limit to the number of emails or the number of recipients
2Is there a limit to the number of people I can send emails to?
No. There is no limit to the number of recipients you can send an email to.
3What kind of email templates do you offer?
We have templates designed for your customers and consultants. For customers we have templates for holidays, products, sales/promotions, thank yous, and birthdays. For consultants we have templates for motivation, celebration of career achievements, new consultants, and reminders.
4Can I add a photo to email marketing?
Yes, you can add photos or other images to your email. Photos and other files can be added to a media library to make it easy to add them to your emails.
5How can I add a video to email marketing?
A video cannot be added directly to an email, but you can link to a video. The link can be text or an image.