QT Office® knows that you want to stay in contact with your unit, customers and leads so we have created two marketing tools to help you do just that. Here are a few features you can look forward to:

  • Send emails to one person or a group
  • Professional templates with messages for customers and team members
  • Create your own custom templates to use over and over again
  • Email Marketing works seamlessly with QT Office® Manager
  • Schedule emails to be sent in the future
Design Examples




The “One Time Email/Marketing” feature is designed to send out a one time email that pertains to a certain person, event or occasion. You can send this email to one person, a whole group or even multiple groups. Good examples of one-time emails are birthdays, a one time sale or a special event. You can even save an email to modify and use again later as well as personalize with your contacts first and last names.



“Drip Campaigns” are a series of emails that are sent on a schedule. A few examples of good uses of Drip Campaigns are:

Ex #1: New Consultants: You could create a series of emails that encourage your new consultant as they sign up. On day one you could send a welcome letter. On day two you could send a check sheet. You may want to skip a couple days then send a “just thinking about you” email on day 5.

Ex #2: Potential Team Member: Have you ever had a customer you thought would make a great team member and just KNOW you should follow up? Why not create a system that does the follow up for you. Day 1 – “Jane, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you being a hostess for me today. It’s women like you that really make me enjoy being a Mary Kay® consultant”. Then on day 7 you could send another email like this: “Jane, you know, I noticed that you are purchasing products from me pretty often and I wanted to share how you can always get a 50% discount on the product. Give me a ring and I would love to explain it to you!”. * Note: where it says “Jane”, QT will actually syndicate (put the name in) for you, so you could assign several people to this campaign and they would all see their first name (and not Jane).

Ex #3: Skin Care Tips: In this example we will pretend that you just sold a product to a new customer and you want them to become a skincare customer. You could add them to a Drip Campaign that sends email with facts about skincare and aging and encourage them to contact you if they have any questions. If you deliver useful information without being pushy you will be seen as a helpful resource. This is a fantastic way to help guide a new customer into a skincare regimen.

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