Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

1What is QT Office® anyway?
QT Office® is a software company that offers products specifically designed for Mary Kay® Consultants, Directors and Nationals that include Office Manager and Email Marketing. Every product in our product line is designed to help you to get the most out of your day by giving you the tools to succeed.
2How do I get started?
Just hit the "Sign Up" button and follow the prompts. If you run into any difficulty then contact us or give us a call at 888-440-7247 and we will be happy to help.
3What are your office hours?
Our team is in the office Monday - Friday, 10AM to 5PM ET. We offer phone support during these hours. You can also email us anytime, and a ticket will be created that we will respond to during normal business hours.
4Is my personal information safe?
Completely! We backup daily to a separate server. Even in the unlikely event that one server goes down, all your information will be restored from our backup.

QT Office Manager

1Why is QT Office® an online service and not software I install on my computer?
3 Major Reasons:

Protection- Because QT Office® is based online, you will never have to worry about your computer crashing, spilling a cup of coffee on your keyboard, or getting your laptop stolen. (Or the many other factors that can set you back). All your information is backed up securely on our servers.

Convenience- With QT Office® you can access your business information from any online location via your computer (Mac or Windows), tablet, or smartphone. This means that you will not have to keep up with little paper slips. You can also send invoices directly to your customers or print them on the spot.

Updating- Since we are a service, and not just software, we will automatically update new items in your inventory, seasonal changes, or upgrades - you don't have to do anything. Also new features that we add are available without having to install an update.
2Is QT Office® Manager easy to use?
It is very simple to use QT Office®. If you can use email, then you can use QT! It has been designed to be as easy and efficient to use as possible. We have instruction on the site by clicking the help button and full customer support Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM ET.
3What can I do with QT Office® Manager?
You can track your inventory, sales, expenses and income. View product history and customer purchase history. Create follow ups for your customers and consultants. Create reports of customers, invoices, inventory, and expenses. Track personal use and demo products, customer returns and exchanges. All your sales and expense information will automatically populate the Tax Report to making filing your taxes easier. And more!

Email Marketing

1Is there a limit to the number of emails I can send?
No. There is no limit to the number of emails or the number of recipients
2Is there a limit to the number of people I can send emails to?
No. There is no limit to the number of recipients you can send an email to.
3What kind of email templates do you offer?
We have templates designed for your customers and consultants. For customers we have templates for holidays, products, sales/promotions, thank yous, and birthdays. For consultants we have templates for motivation, celebration of career achievements, new consultants, and reminders.
4Can I add a photo to email marketing?
Yes, you can add photos or other images to your email. Photos and other files can be added to a media library to make it easy to add them to your emails.
5How can I add a video to email marketing?
A video cannot be added directly to an email, but you can link to a video. The link can be text or an image.

Unit & Area Websites - Website Billing

1How much does it cost (website packages), including discounts?
For information about Plans & Pricing for all of our products, as well as bundle discount information, Our Products & Pricing page! See more detailed information about specific website plans, features, and pricing by visiting our Unit & Area Websites page.
2When am I billed for my website?
The day you sign up you will be charged a setup fee and a prorated amount for the remainder of the billing cycle for the maintenance plan you selected. Going forward you are charged the monthly amount for your maintenance plan on the 15th of the month.
3Am I locked in a contract?
We have no contracts or cancellation fees. If you cancel your account (or remove a service from your account) it will remain active until the 14th of the month. If you do not cancel you will automatically be billed each month.
4Do I get a discount for purchasing multiple products? (Ex: App and Website, Office Manager and Email Marketing).
Yes you do! Not all of our products qualify for the bundle discount. The products that qualify are QT Office Manager, QT Email Marketing, QT Unit & Area Websites and QT Connect Unit & Area Apps. Save $5 when you bundle two products, save $10 when you bundle 3 products, and save $15 when you bundle all four. Discounts are applied at checkout. QT Digital Business Cards do not qualify for the bundle discount.
5I have a Director I would like to refer, do I get a referral bonus?
Yes you do! Each time you refer someone for a website or app you receive $25 referral credit. If you refer someone for QT Office Manager or Email Marketing you receive $10 referral credit. Referral credits will be applied to your upcoming QT payments (and a lot of our Directors go for months at a time with no bill at all because of their referrals!). All you have to do is give out your QT Office account username and they will use that when they sign up for QT. If they do not have it handy when creating their account, just shoot us an email and let us know you referred them (or have them email us) and we can apply it to your account.

Unit & Area Websites - Website Design

1What if I have a new headshot?
We can replace your headshot on your banner and website at any time, free of charge. We ask that you send us a clear, high resolution professional image showing the top of your head and at least one full shoulder so we can make your banner look as good as you do.
2Can you change my sales position on my banner?
Absolutely! We can change simple things such as your name, sales position, or headshot free of charge at any time. Anything else may require layout changes and will incur a redesign fee.
3Can you change my banner design for me?
You will receive one free website makeover every year on your Anniversary with us. If you wish to update your banner and website design sooner than that there is a $100 design fee to cover the redesign, as well as updating custom features on your website to match. We take great pride in our designs and will always deliver you our absolute best!
4Can I change the color of my website and banner?
If you want to completely change the color of your website you will be charged a $100 redesign fee. If you want to try a new background but keep the same banner/color scheme, then we can change that for you on your scheduled update day(s). This is because we want your site to look professional, and mixing and matching colors will hurt your design.
5I found this image on Google and want to use it as my Unit logo, can you use it?
We cannot use any Google images because we do not have the legal rights to them. We can find a similar image on a stock photo website, but it is illegal for us to alter any images we or you do not have the rights to.
6Complimentary QT Website Makeovers
QT Office offers a complimentary Website Makeover for clients that have had a website with us for over a year! At your 1 year QT signup anniversary, you become eligible for the Website Makeover, which includes a new banner design, new background, and new design embellishments! You are eligible for a makeover every year. So, for example, if you are a QT Website client for three years, then you could have three different free website makeovers in that span of time! If you think you’re eligible for a Website Makeover, give us a call today! Please note: Website Makeovers are not required! If you love your design you do not have to change. If you have a Website/App Combo, your products will be redesigned together. If you have a Website/App Combo, please see the App Makeovers FAQ entry for additional information regarding your app makeover.

Unit & Area Websites - Adding Content to my Website

1What are InstaDocs?
At QT, we understand that Directors and Nationals don’t always need to add new content to their website, but when they do, they need it done ASAP! That’s why we provide InstaDocs. This is the term that we use to categorize the types of things we can do for our clients within 1-2 business days! You’ll find that your most common website needs fall underneath this category. Adding/removing contest flyers, event flyers, file replacements, training documents, audio/video files, ready-made photo collages, plain text changes, consultant/director photo submissions, headshot updates, and password customizations are all InstaDoc qualified! Once you email us with the request and all related files, we can update your site within 1-2 business days--for free! We proudly offer our Instadoc and Update Day policies as an alternative to the headache and financial drain of microtransactions! InstaDocs is available as a feature on our Silver, Silver Plus, and Gold website maintenance plans.

Detailed information about our InstaDocs Policy
2Where do I send my InstaDocs?
Please email any information you need add to your website to info@qtoffice.com! Make sure that any files that you need added to your website are clearly labeled, so that we'll know exactly where to add them on your website.

You can also set up a shared Dropbox folder with us to add your items. We will just need you to send an email to info@qtoffice.com letting us know you have items that are in Dropbox that need to be added, as Dropbox does not send us notifications. Dropbox is a great solution when you have a lot of items and do not want to have to attach them one by one, such as a set of PDF files or images for a training page, or large audio files that will not easily send through email.
3How will my unit access my website?
We will purchase a custom domain for you and renew it for you as long as your website is active with QT. We use GoDaddy for our domains, and you will not have to worry about doing anything for this yourself.
4Can I use my own domain or do you have to purchase a new one for me?
If you currently own your domain, we have two options available: you can keep ownership and set up the forwarding yourself*, or you can transfer ownership to us.

*In this case, because of our limited access, any technical support or troubleshooting of your domain name will be between yourself and the domain hosting company. We are only able to provide instructions to set up forwarding to your QT Office website.

If you are transferring your website from a different Unit & Area Website company and they own your domain, we will set up a transfer and handle it with the other Unit & Area Website company.

If we purchase a new domain name for you, we purchase through godaddy.com, and we handle the customer support between us and GoDaddy. If you ever decide to cancel your website services with us or change your services to a different website company, we can transfer your domain name to your own domain hosting account or to your new unit & area website company's domain hosting account.
5Can you add a password to my website?
Yes! Your website is divided into two sections: an outside section meant for customers or prospects and an inside section means for your consultants. You can password protect the inside section.
6Can I password protect individual pages?
We can password protect individual pages with different passwords. This is useful if you have a section that you only want certain people, such as Directors Only or Red Jackets Only, to be able to access.
7What are Custom HTML/CSS Updates?
Custom HTML/CSS updates are updates that require additional programming and design time to complete, such as new page creations, custom recognition, and photo slideshows. These type of updates are reserved for your scheduled update day since we have the time set aside to complete them.
8Will I have access to the back end of my website?
You will have access to the back end of your website and the ability to edit pages on all plans except for Basic.
9Can more than one person update my website?
Yes! If you are on our Silver, Silver+, or Gold Website Maintenance Plan, we can co-maintain your website with you or your assistant. If you would like to learn more about co-maintaining your website, we have tutorial videos available for using the most common features of our website editing system as well as walkthrough appointments available during business hours. We ask that you do not adjust any of the recognition reports that we maintain for you on your website plan, but other than that we are happy to work with you to keep your website up to date!

If you are on our Bronze Website Maintenance Plan, you or your assistant will be responsible for maintaining your website.
10What are auto pages?
Auto-feed pages are pages that QT Office maintains and updates with the most current and relevant information from Mary Kay. They are synced to all of our Unit & Area Websites. These pages include the Company Contests page, Seasonal Selling page, the Training Center, and our Home page (which appears below any custom information you have on the Homepage of your website). Since these Auto-feed pages are synced to all of our websites, we are unable to add or remove documents on these pages on your individual website, but we can always add personal Training Materials, Contests, Events, etc. to other pages on your website.
11Can I add photos to my website?
Absolutely! We can place them individually on the page or create a photo slideshow, but they can only be added on your schedule update day(s). We will not add music to your slideshow, but if you send us a pre-made video slideshow with music we can embed that video on your website.
12Can I add videos to my website?
Of course! You have to send us the direct link to the video (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and we can embed the video on your website. If you want to share a video made by another Director or National we ask that you reach out to them and receive their permission to share their video. Some Directors and Nationals do not want their private training videos to be shared, and we want to respect their wishes.
13Can you add a certain popular song to play on my website, for example Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”?
We do not add music to our websites for legal reasons. You are more than welcome to find a royalty free song or buy the rights to a particular tune, but if you do not own the rights to the song there is a chance you or our company could be sued for using their music. We can embed videos/music from places like Soundcloud and YouTube if you send us the URL which accomplishes the same goal but keeps you from getting a large copyright fine.
14Can I add files to the Training Center?
Our Universal Training Center is an auto page that is linked to all of our websites, so you cannot add to or remove from any of these pages. You can either keep the whole page or remove our Training Center. If you would like personal training files added, we can add them to a Favorites page on your personal website so you can share them with your Unit.
15Can you remove this one flyer from my homepage?
Since our Homepage contains automatically updated content that feeds to all of our websites you cannot add to or remove from this section of the page. We want all of our clients to have access to this material. We can remove the section if you do not want it and you can add your own content above or below this section.
16Can you find and add this particular file for me?
Unfortunately no, this is not something we can we do. We do not look up or find files for you. While we may have some files on hand, there are a ton of different versions of everything available on the World Wide Web and a file may not belong to us. We ask that you send us the exact file that you would like added to your website to ensure that we add the correct file for you!
17Can I just add you to my weekly email announcements and you can pull my website updates from that?
We kindly ask that you do not include us on your Unit email chains as we receive a high volume of emails on a daily basis, and not everything in those emails are meant for us. Please only email us material with specific directions on where you would like it to go on your website. This allows our team to quickly add only relevant content therefore allowing QT to keep our website maintenance plans priced so low.
18If I email you this document will you just place it in the right spot on my website?
We kindly ask that you email us with specific instructions on exactly where you would like this file to go. While some items make sense, such as a contest or event, other items may seem to fit in numerous spots or one Director may want it on one page while another may want it in a completely different spot. Specific instructions will reduce back and forth emails to clear up any confusion and it allows us to add your materials faster.
19I have an updated New Consultant Packet I need for you to build on my website, can you do that for me now?
We can absolutely build your New Consultant packet onto your website, but it will have to wait for your next scheduled update day. Since this requires additional programming and designing it is not something we can do for you within 1-2 business days. We will simply add the file to the page for the time being then design it out on your next scheduled update day.
20Can you edit this flyer and/or put my personal information on it and add it to my website?
We cannot edit any flyers we did not create in house because it does not belong to us. If there is a flyer that you found that you like, we can either recreate it as a Custom Design, or you can contact the creator and ask them to alter it for you. We also suggest that you do not make any changes to any flyers that you did not create because this could result in a copyright fine from the original creator.
21Can you please remove your logo and website link from my homepage?
We have our website link there as a way to show visitors who created the site in case they are interested in purchasing a maintenance plan themselves. It is our registered trademark and cannot be removed. This is one of the many ways we are able to keep our maintenance plans as low as they are. Thank you for your understanding.
22Can you add a Google Calendar to my website?
We can embed almost any type of virtual calendar onto your website. We frequently use Google Calendar and recommend it, but there are many others out there that we can add as well.
23Can you create a registration form for my event and collect payment through PayPal or ProPay?
Absolutely! Our forms can link directly to PayPal to ensure you collect payment. ProPay does not have a direct link setup, so our forms will only forward to that site, and it is up to the individual to follow through with payment. PayPal and ProPay have different processing fees and we are not affiliated with them. We suggest looking into those specific companies and pricing your events accordingly. We can only add these forms on your scheduled update day(s).
24Can you link to these forms that I made?
We can embed almost any form that you create (Google Forms, Jotform, etc.), and all you have to do is send us the iframe code. We are not familiar with every program out there, so if you do not know how to obtain the iframe, please contact that companies support.
25I want documents/training material/etc from another website. Can you add that for me?
We are able to pull material directly from other websites for you, but only if it is a website that QT maintains! This type of update will only take place on your scheduled update day(s) as it is not InstaDoc qualified. You also need permission from the owner of the other website. We will accept your email as permission, but if the owner contacts us and asks us to remove the information we will do so immediately. We will need a direct link to that page, exactly what material you want pulled from it, and where you would like it on your website. If you would like material from a website that QT does not maintain, you will be responsible for sending us the actual files that you would like added to your website, whether it be through email attachment, a shared Dropbox link, etc.

Unit & Area Websites - Special Recognition Reports

1Can you exclude a specific person from my special recognition?
We can exclude people from recognition, but it is based on which report you want them excluded from. For questions regarding which reports we can do this for, please contact our customer support directly.
2Can you move this Senior Consultant up to Red Jacket for me, and she is now a Ruby Star.
No we are sorry but we cannot. We update the recognition on your website according to what is shown on InTouch at the time of your scheduled update, and many of the most common recognition reports on our websites are programmed to update automatically. The only exceptions to this rule are homepage announcements for New Offspring Directors or those that become Grand Achiever.
3My goal tracker/special recognition is incorrect and out of date. Can you fix it?
We update this homepage recognition for you only on your scheduled update day(s). If your update day falls around the beginning of the month, then there is a chance that InTouch has not yet updated. This is out of our control, but if you contact our customer support we can see if another day is available for your scheduled update day(s) to best avoid that issue in the future.
4Can I have Custom Special Recognition on my website?
Absolutely! We ask that you send all Custom Special Recognition in a ready made format so there is no confusion when we add it to the website. Many Directors send in PDF files or PicCollages, while other Directors email in text for us to add. If you email in text we ask that you send it in exactly as you want it on your website. If Custom Special Recognition is sent in the previously mentioned formats then we can add it within 1-2 business days.
5Will you update my Custom Special Recognition?
QT Office does not offer Custom Special Recognition per director. We update special recognition based on our specific maintenance plans. If you would like additional recognition to be added it is up to you to supply it via email. This is how we keep our prices affordable. If you find you have a need for more reports than your plan includes you can upgrade to a larger package at any time.
6I sent in Custom Special Recognition for my website but it was not added. I was told it will be added on my next Update Day, why is that?
If your Custom Special Recognition was set aside for your update day then it was not sent in an acceptable ready-made format such as a PDF, PicCollage, or exact text. Depending on your maintenance plan, your update day may be next week, in two weeks, or next month. Please contact customer support if you do not know your scheduled update day(s).