About QT Office®
No matter if this is your first day as an Independent Beauty Consultant or if you are already an Inner Circle National Sales Director, QT Office® is the business tool that you have been looking for.
QT has a wide range of features to help you manage your inventory, track your expenses, follow up with your customers, stay in contact with your team and tons of other great features to help you with every stage of your Mary Kay® journey.
Here are a few POWERFUL reasons to use QT Office®
QT Office® helps you manage every aspect of your business and includes things like taxes, inventory levels, expenses and even your Unit Website.

We are based online:
This means that even if your computer crashes, your business doesn’t. This also gives you the ability to have multiple users (like an assistant) using the software at the same time. You never have to wait for an update CD or have to remember to back-up your information (we do that for you!). If you already have a desktop based system (*like BLVD®), then we can help you import your information into QT.

Import information from MK InTouch®:
You can import all kinds of information from InTouch®. Things like your team members and your wholesale orders. This saves a ton of input time and ensures you start getting the most out of QT Office® right away.

Cross compatibility:
You can use QT Office® from your desktop, laptop, iPad (or other tablet devices) and even from your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone. You never have to sync any information because everything is updated in real-time.

One phone number for customer support:
Have an inventory question? Just call. Have a website question? Just call. Want us to maintain your website? Just call and we will be happy to help!

We are super-affordable:
Our base package starts at $9.95/month. We do not have contracts or try to sneak in anything “extra”. Product updates are also included in your monthly fee.

*Try QT FREE for a full 30 days:
That’s right! We encourage you to see what QT can do for you and your MK® Business. Take a “test drive” for 30 days. No contracts, no obligations. You can even earn referral credits while you are on your free trial. This means that your free trial could last several months (3 years free is our record!)