Get ready for an amazing journey!
Just follow the Steps below and you'll be all Set and on your way to becoming a professional independent beauty consultant.....

Step 1  
Step 2 
New Consultant Questionnaire 

Step 3
Read the Welcome Packet and complete the steps inside to
 get your business off to a great start. 

   Printable Office Depot Discount Card, present this each time to receive great prices on anything you print for you Mary Kay business. 

Step 4 

I have designed twelve steps to guide you in your new business, when you complete each step fill out the voucher to claim your prize!


1. Complete the Beat the Box Challenge

2. Complete the Survey feel free to re watch the inventory video 

3. Complete the New Consultant Check List

4. Color Confident & Skin Care Confident on InTouch

5. Get Organized

6. Schedule Perfect or Power Start

7. Get the MyCustomers+ & Read the MK Autobiography

8. Complete MKU on InTouch

9. Complete your Pearls of Sharing

10. Hold your Launch Party & Complete Perfect or Power Start

11. Attend 4 weekly meetings in a row

12. Step into Red

13. Complete all 12 & earn your SHADES!!!

Remember to fill out the voucher to claim each prize!

 For even more training visit our amazing training center!

 Pat yourself on yourself on the back! Continue to be great. You are headed top the top! Contact Teresa after your New Consultant Training is completed for a fun goal chat (over the phone or in person)  to go over your success so far and dreams for your business. Congratulations!