NSD Holli Lowe: Dream Bigger!


The Mary Kay business opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It's not a scam.  And it's certainly not a pyramid!  It is a solid, proven business that can greatly increase your standard of living!  It's true!  Mary Kay Ash (our founder) is widely known as one of the most influential and successful business people of all time.  In 1963, Mary Kay took $5,000 of her own money and turned it into what is today a multi-BILLION dollar company and the nation's leader in skin care & cosmetic sales.  Why did she do it?  To Enrich Women's Lives.  That's all.  Not to make a profit.  Mary Kay wanted to create an opportunity for women to be paid what they were worth, not what someone else thought they were worth.  And I'm here to tell you, this business works if you do!  I started my business in 2001, and my life has never been the same... God has richly blessed my efforts through Mary Kay to show women that He has given them EVERYTHING inside them to be successful... they need self-discipline and a tunnel vision and the world is theirs!

So, how do we make our money?

We all know that money can't buy you happiness, but it can certainly help with the choices you make in life, right?  Whether you just want a few hundred extra bucks a month, or if you would like to make over $100,000 a month as some Mary Kay National Sales Directors have been known to do, everyone in Mary Kay can earn money the same 2 ways:

1) Product Sales

Whether you just signed up an hour ago, or if you've been in Mary Kay for 45 years, everyone in Mary Kay gets a 50% discount on Mary Kay products.  We buy them direct from Mary Kay for $1 and we sell them for $2, so to speak.  This means if you hold a skin care class (our most common way to educate women about our products and produce sales) that has $400 in sales (VERY typical), you come out $200 ahead.  Not bad for 2 hours work!  Using that math, 2 classes per week would equal $800 extra cash for you every month.  Can you get excited about that?  I can!

2) Commissions

When you begin to build your team and introduce other women to the Mary Kay career opportunity, Mary Kay rewards you by paying you in cash (and prizes!) out of corporate profits.  The amounts that they pay you are based on the orders of your team.  It's a simple plan, really!  They have this money to give you because you led the team that brought it in!  This money does not come out of the pockets or sales of anyone on your team-Mary Kay gives it to you directly as a thank you out of THEIR pocket.  Want an example?  In one month last year, my Mary Kay commission check was $13,590.  This was in addition to my product sales that month, and I had only been in the company for SIX YEARS at the time!  As you can see, it doesn't take a hundred years to make things happen!  My highest earnings in one year has been in excess of $125,000, including commissions and cash bonuses BUT that didn't include MY PERSONAL SALES!  This may sound too good to be true, but it's not!  Like I said, this business works if you do!  Need more proof?  

As if it couldn't get any better, Mary Kay SHOWERS us in prizes!  They give away MILLIONS of dollars every year in diamonds alone, as well as luxurious vacations all around the world; they'll be sending my husband and me to Maui, Hawaii to the Four Seasons Five Star Resort in May 2011!  And of course there is the Pink Cadillac, the trophy on wheels!  But that's okay if you don't want to drive a pink car-Mary Kay will give you $900 a month CASH instead!  Other career cars offered by Mary Kay include the Smoky Gray Chevrolet Malibu & the Chevrolet Equinox or Toyota Camry for our Premiere Level Directors.  Seriously, I could go on and on here, but I think you get the picture!

BUT!  It's not all about money...
To be honest with you, I did start my Mary Kay business for the money. $50.00 per week to be exact!  But what I discovered was that it was SO MUCH MORE!  Mary Kay Ash founded this company based on the Golden Rule and the principles of God first, Family second and Career third.  She wanted to establish a career opportunity that would enrich women's lives.  And that it does!  Here are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant:

1) Flexibility

When you become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you own your own business.  That means you get to set your own hours!  You work when you want to work.  I started my Mary Kay business with a plate that was VERY full...I took 19-21 hours per semester, worked 20 hours per week on campus, was very involved in my church and also was holding a pageant title that kept me in the community until about 8:30 pm through the week, until 2:00 on Saturdays and I spoke in both morning and evening services for tons of local churches!  WHEW...I was busy ladies!   Because I was able to decide when I could fit Mary Kay in, I was able to control my schedule.  And it has definitely paid off!  Now, because of Mary Kay, I don't have the teaching job that I loved, but worked so hard at.  I don't have to be a slave to someone else's schedule, potty breaks, vacation times, or even what time I ate lunch!  I get to work when I want to work.  There's nothing better than wearing pajamas all day if you want, or choosing one day to be SOLELY family day, or having the flexibility to spend a week in the hospital with your very sick baby, knowing that no one is angry with you for missing work, being able to sleep for 7 days and 6 nights in the bed with him and not be away from his side for one minute...afterall, he needed his mommy...what freedom...what choices!  Thanks to Mary Kay my hubby has been able to 'retire' from his full time job as well, we together are raising OUR son...we truly live the American Dream thanks to Mary Kay!

2) Friends for Life

Making friends was the last thing on my mind when I started my business!  But the friendships I've made with my Mary Kay girlfriends will be with me my whole life!  Imagine this:  You get to choose who you work with!  But when you love what you do, and you do it with your closest friends, wouldn't you agree that you never work another day in your life???

3) Outreach

The joy that comes from helping other women enrich their lives and realize their dreams is too great to put into words!  Can you believe that you can earn an executive income while reaching out to others?  Wow!


4) Personal Growth

There are countless stories of consultants who have developed personally in ways that they would have never believed possible!  From increased self-confidence to developing leadership skills to spiritual growth, the Mary Kay way of praising people to success fuels all types of personal growth!

God didn't have time to make a nobody, only a somebody."  I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition.
-Mary Kay Ash

5) Tax Benefits

Our government wants to encourage small business growth, so as small business owners, we get great benefits because we run home-based businesses.  This means that you will pay less in taxes because of the tax deductions you get.  There are WAY too many to mention here, but they include deducting a portion of your housing expenses (including maintenance expenses & housekeeping), automobile expenses, and even dining out!

Let me guess:  You're not the sales type, right?
Luckily, this business is about building relationships, providing quality products and offering valuable services.  Mary Kay teaches you to be informative, not pushy.  Mary Kay consultants are really more like teachers than sales people.  The Mary Kay products sell themselves, we just have to educate our customers about them!  If you're teachable and trainable, you can do it!

So where do the customers come from?
Here I am, still reading your mind!  Not really - this just happens to be the #1 question most people have!  Mary Kay provides the education and tools necessary to build clientele who want the products and personal service you have to offer.  And those customers will keep coming back to you!  Did you know that the average woman spends more than $600-$700 per year on the products that you could provide her through Mary Kay?  Make-up is only part of the product line Mary Kay offers!  A large part of our business is skin care:  moisturizers, anti-aging products, etc.  Did you know that we offer other things, too?  From fragrances to lotions to men's products, Mary Kay has the products to appeal to the widest range of customers!

So who are your potential customers?  People with skin!  And as a Mary Kay consultant, you get all the products you use at 50% off!  Many women become consultants just for personal use!

So how do I get started?
I'm glad you asked!  The start up cost is only $100 + tax & shipping!  I don't know about you, but I have $100 fly out of my purse every time I drive by Wal-Mart...but seriously, the cost is EXTREMELY minimal when you compare it with what you get in your Starter Kit!  You get full-sized products valued at more than $300 retail, enough supplies to facial 30 customers and a stylish black leather tote bag!  Plus the intangibles that come along with your Mary Kay business are invaluable!  Here are just a few of the things that I "pulled"out of my Starter Kit:
     1) The ability to do what I really love...enriching women's lives and allowing them
     to reach THEIR true God-Given potential!

     2) The personal growth that I've realized; it's changed my life and my husbands
     too; our baby boy will only know a positive, faith filled lifestyle with financial
     rewards and personal freedom!
     3) The ability to have a faith-based business where we're TAUGHT to put God
     first, Family second, and Career third!
     4) The freedom to retire my husband from 50hours/week job!
     5) The wonderful friends that I've made who will be there for life!
     6) The financial freedom to buy a 4000 square foot home with a pool, pond and
     7) The comfort in knowing that someday my children will get to grow up with
     their parents around, and get to watch what hard work, determination, and
     dreaming can do for their future families too!

So, what do you think?  If you'd like to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, we'd be honored to welcome you to our family!  All you have to do is ask your consultant for the agreement, and you'll be on your way!  If you do not have a consultant, please send me an e-mail: holli@marykay.com and I will take great care of you!

There is so much in store for you in your new Mary Kay business!  Don't let another second go by -there's no time like today!  If you continue doing the same thing you're doing now for another year, where will you be?  In the same place!  Because if nothing changes, nothing changes - don't be afraid to take a chance and make a change!  I can't wait to welcome you to our Team!