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Little Books of Looks for Life

Chromafusion Looks Face Charts Blank Face Charts
Chromafusion Cheek Color Flyer Chromafusion Eye Shadow Flyer

Perfect Palette Flier Color Tools Flier
Chromafusion Contouring Flyer Chromafusion Eye Shadow Conversion Chart
Chromafusion Blush Conversion Chart Mary Kay Pro Palette
Chromafusion Product Fact Sheet
Blush, Highlighter, and Contour
Chromafusion Product Fact Sheet
Eye Shadow

Making Money the Model Way
Model Portfolio Blank Portfolio Sheet - Before and After
Professional Women Portfolio Women In Business Portfolio

Beauty Brush Up   New Brush Collection Fact Sheet


TW 3D Foundation Product flier TW 3D Foundation Conversion Chart
Foundation Selling Guide Beauty Consultant Action Plan
TW 3D Foundation FAQ TW Matte 3D Foundation Fact Sheet
TW Luminous 3D Foundation Fact Sheet Foundations Workshop

Foundation Formula Benefits Comparison Chart Lori Hogg Foundation 
Conversion Chart
Flawless Face Chart TW Foundation Comparison Chart  

Finding the Right Shade Foundation Shade Matching True Dimensions Sheer Fact Sheet
Tinted Moisturizer to CC Cream Conversion Chart Medium Coverage
 Foundation Shade Chart

Day Radiance to Endless Performance Creme to Powder  or TimeWise® Foundations Perfecting Concealer
Conversion Chart

Gel Lipstick Conversion Chart Gel Lipstick Color Chart
Kissologist Placemat True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick Placemat

Mascara Family
Brow Flier Facial Mist Flier
Your Guide to the Second Appointment Second Appointment Placemat
 (two pages)
Second Appointment Placemat, page one Eye Shapes Makeup Application Tips
Eye Shapes Makeup Application Tips Basic Color Application Tips
Basic Eye Shape Close Set Eyes
Deep Set Eyes Prominent Eyes
Droopy Eyes Hooded Eyes
My Makeup Makeover - Eye Shape
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 Asian Eyes Close Set Eyes
Hooded Eyes Wide Set Eyes
Standard Eyes Prominent Eyes
Droopy Eyes Smoky Eyes
Eye Color Application Guide
(all the looks from
above in one printable!)
Deep Set Eyes