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Booking is the lifeline of your Mary Kay business. The more parties and classes you book, the more potential sales (and new team members) for you! The Power Booking Plan – 21 Day Challenge is taking the direct-selling industry by storm. Hundreds of Mary Kay independent sales force members from around the globe have taken part in this epic challenge to boost their business, and you can too! 

Ready to learn all about it? Get started now! Independent Senior Sales Director Candice Loeppky will walk you through the challenge step-by-step, including her own personal success tips! Candice is proof that new faces really can take you places! 
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All-Star Consistency Challenge

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
You can be an All-Star!

Achieve Star Consultant status all four quarters and meet the total year-end minimums and you can earn these enhanced Star Consultant rewards!