Why Us Marketing Videos & Survey


20 minute video to send after asking to share the opp.

great short video to use during a live class

Inventory Options

Inventory Breakdown when starting your MK Business

Updateing & Ordering from My Customers on InTouch


My Customers & PCP
Preferred Customer Program


Skin Analyzer App
How to for your Customer


Beauty Kits 2020

Gavin's Artwork to Inspire You

Estart Opportunity 2020

Employee & Business Appreciations

Beauty Experience vs. Product Showing

Problem Solving - Gavin Style

Gavin Beat the Wall

Gavin attempted to climp this wall for hours - over & over he ran up the ramp & failed - sliding back down - but he never gave up - let's work our business & attack our goals with the same determination!

Mary Kay - Lessons and Legends

Mary Kay - Thinking Like a Woman

Mary Kay - Timeless Truth

Mary Kay - She Cared

Mary Kay - 60 Minutes Clip

Mary Kay  - Why in Her Own Words

Mary Kay - Never Stop Dreaming