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   Welcome to Mary Kay & The Determined Diamonds Unit

New Consultant Task 1

Watch this Welcome to the MK Family Video

Welcome Video

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Let's Talk about Your Business Success!!!

We need to set up your first Business Plan discussion!  To succeed at anything you need a goal, a plan and a way to execute that plan.  That is what I am here to help you do.  If we haven't already scheduled this appointment then you can contact me or use my calendar link below to schedule.  Before the appointment please watch the Inventory Video I have below.

Here's my online calendar link to book your orientation!

Inventory Options - Setting Your Business Up for Success

Probably the most important decision you will make in starting your MK Business Journey is your inventory investment.  Please watch the following video carefully and take notes on all the options you have.  MUST WATCH BEFORE OUR ORIENTATION MEETING!!!

Inventory Options Video

New Consultant Task 2
Down Load the MK Apps!
Mary Kay offers some fantastic Apps to help consultants and clients shop, learn and explore all about what Mary Kay has to offer.  Be sure to download all the apps ASAP!  In your app search simply type Mary Kay and your options will pop up.  Watch this video for more details!

The Mary Kay Apps Video

New Consultant Task 3
Watch these videos on how to Activate your MK InTouch Account

Being able to maneuver InTouch is super important and as a New Consultant you need to feel comfortable with all it has to offer - check out these 2 videos which highlight and breakdown some of the most important things you need to know!

Activate InTouch Video

Getting to know InTouch Video

New Consultant Task 4

Your MK Website and Propay Account

Your MK website and Propay Credit Card processor helps you get your business up and running almost immediately!  Please watch the below video on the details of how to set it up and the options you have. 

Setting Up Propay and Your MK Website Video

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New Consultant Task 5

The New Consultant Go Kit

Follow this link for the New Consultant Go Kit Documents - Ashley will send you a booklet in your New Consultant Welcome Packet!  Below is for your reference or additional printing!

Working your business Virtually is a lot of fun and is a great way to maximize your time.  Below is the link to our Estart booklet to help you get familiar with the process.  No worries your Director and Recruiter will help you with all your debut classes!

Let's create a guest list for your debut classes.  Open up to the Go List document in your Go Kit packet and start listing everyone you know!  Need ideas?  Watch this video

Who Do You Know Video

New Consultant Task 7
Beauty Classes & Marketing Opportunities 

Marketing Appointments

Let's get your business opportunity training started!  First thing to do is go back to the Go List you created and circle the folks you admire and would be willing to trade places with.
Your assignment is to reach out to those you have highlighted on your "Go List" and send them the video.  Below are the 
documents for script ideas and the link to our Unit Marketing video called - "Why Us".  

Plus!!  Don't forget to check out and track the prizes and promotions earned when you share the business opportunity!

Sharing Scripts for Text Messages

Unit Sharing Video - "Why Us"

Follow Up Survey Form

Unit Promotions for Sharing the Opportunity 

Virtual or Live Beauty Appointments/Bookings

Now with the remaining names you have listed from your Go List let's book some Beauty Classes!  Discuss with your Director or Recruiter any questions you have.  As a New Consultant your Director will help you work thru your first group of appointments.  Texting, following up, booking and holding your classes so that you can see the process at work.  Your responsibility is to watch, learn, take notes and participate in this process so that you will be ready to pick up and run your MK business successfully. 

When you are ready to take the reigns and book on your own - will happen sooner than you think - there are scripts in your New Consultant Kit, on this website, the Unit FB Group and countless other places.  To help, below are some recent scripts that have been helpful to new & seasoned consultants or those rebooting their boutiques.  I will update this as new & revised scripts are passed along!

Scripts during Covid

Booking Virtual Facial Classes

Follow Up Scripts

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New Consultant Task 8

Determined Diamond's Unit Website

YES - I know you have been resourcing back to this website for your New Consulant steps and training but now its time to look a little deeper!  Our Unit Website is a great tool to find supporting materials, announcements, updates and so much more concerning your MK Business.  Watch this video for a quick overview then have fun exploring it!

Determined Diamond's Website Video

Unit Website Link

More New Consultant Tasks

Take a picture of yourself with your new Starter Kit - Trust me, you will be glad to have this to enjoy in the future!  When you have the pic send it to Ashley.  Start pulling out the products and organizing them.  Open them, enjoy them take a look at the literature and samples.  This is your business in a box - get excited to all it has to offer - there are amazing things in the box that aren't even visible yet - but trust me they are in there!  The main one being SUCCESS!

New Consultant Task 9

Gathering the Sales
As you begin sharing that you have opened your own personal Mary Kay Business or Boutique the sales will start coming in rather quickly.  Mary Kay is a brand and Company consumers love to support.  They know the products are outstanding, the service is top notch and the impact on the community is positive - Their consumer dollar goes a long way. As a Beauty Consultant you need to be ready to start collecting sales and providing orders almost immediately.  Below are tutorials and writing and processing your sales orders.

The Sales Slip
Below is an example of a sales slip.  These sales slips come in your Starter Kit or you can order them on InTouch under Ordering - Section 2.  I recommend you have a sales slip for EVERY SINGLE ORDER you process thru your Boutique Inventory!  Trust me when it comes Tax Time you will be glad you have the slips. 
Also, when it comes to customer follow up the sales slips is hard evidence of the sales and contacts you have made in a given time.

The sales slip has 2 additional carbons - the last carbon copy goes to the client so make sure you have written dark enough for it to be legible.  The other 2 copies - 1 says Beauty Consultant (top copy) the 2nd say Customer (2nd carbon) you keep that one for your records too - the Customer only needs 1 copy and the 3rd carbon is fine.

When you have completed the transaction be sure and mark your top copy PAID.  You will also want to implement a strong follow up system.  This customer needs to be kept up with so you can ensure future sales and excellent customer service.  There are a couple of options with this. 

You can create two file systems - 1 by date and the 2nd by customer name.  In the date filing you take the top copy of your sales slip and file under the corresponding month.  This allows you to pull all your inventory transactions from one place.  As you work thru the months you follow up accordingly.  The most recommended customer follow up is:  2 days after sale or meeting - 2 weeks after sale or meeting - 2 months after sale or meeting.

In the 2nd system file the sales slip by customer name.  This allows you to quickly reference or pull all the sales slips associated with that customer.

Customer Orders & Database Updates thru InTouch

As you begin working your New Mary Kay Boutique you do need to keep your client database up to date and be able to process sales.  The video below educates you on adding customers to the My Customers tab on InTouch plus processing orders thru the My Customers tab on InTouch.  

Updating Customers on InTouch

Star Consultant Program
Mary Kay offers an amazing incentive program called the Star Consultant Program.  Check out this video for all the important information.  You don't want to miss out on this!!

Star Consultant Program Video

New Consultant Task 10

Mary Kay University & Certifications

Mary Kay offers so many fantastic tools to help all consultants to improve their skills with their business.  The best thing new consultants should jump into is MK University!  This online course will help guide you thru all aspects of your business from skincare classes, booking, lead generating, motivation and so much more.  All of those who compete MK University will receive a certificate upon completion.  There are also Skincare and Color Confidant certifications.  Watch this video to learn more and start your online training ASAP!

Mary Kay Certification Video

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New Consultant Task 11

MK Connections and Company Discounts/Benefits

We receive so many amazing perks with MK!  Check out this video to learn more about what your consultant position provides you!

Mary Kay Discounts & Benefits Video

New Consultant Task 12
The Mary Kay Image

Mary Kay Image Video

New Consultant Task 13

Red Jacket Opportunity - Growth Opportunity with Your MK Business

There are so many opportunities in MK and it is important to embrace all this business has to offer.  One of the first things we encourage is recruiting a running mate.  Someone you can run this business with.  When you are excited about what you are doing it is natural others want to join you and Mary Kay rewards you for bringing your Besties along for the MK journey.  Check out this video to learn more about the Red Jacket position!

Red Jacket Journey Video

New Consultant Task 14
Preferred Customer Program - PCP

PCP Video

New Consultant Task 15
Million Dollar Morning Message

Save this number in your phone and listen every day!

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New Consultant Task 16
Keeping Your MK Boutique Inventory Accurate

Your MK Boutique must have an accurate inventory count.  You need to know what you do and do not have - just like all other retail establishments you have MK software to help you!  Watch this video to learn how to keep your inventory accurate and current!

Inventory Updating Video

New Consultant Task 17
Time Management

Time Management is one of the most important aspects of your MK Boutique Business.  If you don't organize, prioritize and implement good time managment skills you will feel overwhelmed, underproductive and the bottom line of income will be impacted.  Just as when you work for someone else you have to complete the tasks in a timely and acceptable manner you need to treat your busines with the same respect.  If your employees didn't show up for work they wouldn't receive a paycheck - right?  Same goes for you!  Work your business as a business and not a hobby and success will happen.  Set boundaries of when and when you are not working on your MK business always prioritize with God First, Family Second and Career Third - not 33rd :)  

Right here on this website are some great time management docutment tools to help you develop your own schedule and time commitment.  Don't feel bad when you falter in this area - it happens to the best of us and can be a daily struggle.  The most important thing is when you do stop letting the world run you and you take control of all aspects of your time your quality of life will greatly improve.  Time Management skills is not meant to pull us in a million different directions, it is meant to help us organize, prioritize, set boundaries and delegate so that we are a more successful, content, happy and healthy human being!

Check out these Time Management Tips


New Consultant Task 18
Money Management
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New Consultant Task 19
Your why
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New Consultant Task 20
Set Up For Samples & Virtual Classes
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New Consultant Task 21
MK Power Classes and other Traning available thru InTouch
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New Consultant Task 22
Unit Meetings and Director Call Check ins
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New Consultant Task 23
Corporate Sponsored Events
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New Consultant Task 24

Keep the Momentum Going
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New Consultant Task 25
Always Remember

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