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Booking Like a LoweGirl

100 Free Party With Me

To complete the Hostess Packet, add a Look Book & 5 Sales Tickets.

21 Day Booking Script 1 21 Day Booking Script 2

Holli's Color Wheel Flip Chart Double Facial



Compliment Time

Instructions: Download Piccollage app for FREE! Save this image to your device. Open Piccollage and select NEW (+) > add image from camera roll > add this pic > click save as background > add text box and change color to match the colors on your invite. > Add Hostess Name, Address, Party Date & Time

2019 Beautiful You Set Sheet

Avery 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels Lowe Area Sharing Sheet
Recruiting Packet Layering Sheet for Recruiting

NSD Holli on HOW to Use the Sharing Sheet, Layering Chart & Recruiting Packet

How do I do a GROUP interview with the Sharing Sheet?