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How do I earn prizes?
For Unit and Area Contests

You must be current on your rent for the month to claim prizes (new consultants do not pay rent their first full calendar month)
You must be in attendance at Unit Meeting and New Consultant Boot Camp to win your prizes.
You must submit a Weekly Accomplishment Sheet to earn prizes.
$100 for each face (at least 21 or older unless married)
$100 for each day you sign the unit Facebook page.  You must comment, not just hit like!
$100 for submitting your WAS (weekly accomplishment sheet)
$1,000 for every $100 wholesale that you order
$1,000 for every new recruit
Click here for instructions on submitting your WAS.
For Company Contests

The Company automatically tracks for Star Consultant and Queens Courts of Sales and Sharing. 

How do I know how to hold each type of appointment?

You will want to book any appointment that you don't know how to hold for Tuesday night (6pm) or Saturday morning (10am) at the training center.  Let me or your recruiter know what type of appointment you have, so we can help you. Take good notes and pay attention so that you can begin holding them on your own.

What Mary Kay Conferences are held each year and what is the approximate cost?

January - Jumpstart at the Training Center ($40)
March/April - Career Conference Locally:  $85 (you will receive credit to order $40 of product)
July/August - Seminar in Dallas, TX:  $900 (includes most meals, and you will receive credit to order $70 of product)
August - New Year Kick Off, Layton or Logan; $15


What Trainings should I be attending?

Tuesday: Night Unit Meeting at 6:00 pm. It's a skincare class so bring guests!

What if I can't come to Unit Meetings?

Mary Kay has a great adoptee program!  You'll see consultants come to our meetings who are under another director.  I'll help you find a director near you whose meetings you can attend.

Where do I order Business cards?

Order all your Mary Kay Business cards through Mary Kay's approved source, MK Connections.
Log into Connections
It will direct you to the MK Connections site.  Be sure to take advantage as a new consultant of the Business Building Kits designed for new and re-instated consultants beginning at $39.99
In addition to business cards, MK Connections has beauty coats, sample cases, stationary, and additional tools and supplies to help market your business.

How do I unpack and store my Inventory?

Unpack one box at a time.  Open your boxes from the bottom, for easy access to the packing slips. Keep your packing slips for tax purposes.
Store your inventory in a temperate place, with little temperature change and that is dry (not the kitchen or bath).
Some options for storage of your inventory include: 
Empty suitcases
Rolling carts
Be creative in your storage solutions. Keep your inventory accessible!  You will need to get into it often to fill customer's orders.
Store like items together, skincare with skincare, color with color, etc.

You may want to consider making a portion of your inventory portable to carry with you to appointments to provide "on the spot" delivery of product.  This will save you time and money, since you won't have to run around after the appointment to deliver the product.

How do I organize my samples?

Sample Organizers are available from MK Connections.
Log into Connections.

You can also find storage boxes at your local store.

How do I keep track of the products I use for demo and my own personal use?

Write a sales ticket to "DEMO" or "SELF".


How do I keep the Demo product organized?

Keep the items that came in your starter kit, in your starter kit bag, adding the firming eye cream and satin lips to it.
The products for your other classes can be kept in a Travel Roll up bag, using one or two pockets for each class.
Your Repair Sets can be stored in the box. (Be sure to label it "Sample" or "Demo" on one end)


What receipts should I be saving for taxes?

Save all receipts directly related to your business.  Including but not limited to:
Packing slips from Mary Kay
Receipts for skincare class supplies (cottonballs, headbands, tickets, etc)
Receipts for any printing you have done 
Receipts for flowers for you new recruits
Receipts for office supplies (Paper, pens, printer toner) that are used exclusively for your business
Sales tickets --from your classes and from online orders


How do I report my Business on my taxes?

I hold a conference call once a year (usually in late January or early February) to go over this. 


How do I calculate tax?

Calculate tax on the entire purchase amount, based on your local sales tax,
then apply any discounts and credits.
Calculate tax on all orders you receive, even through your Personal Website, Mary Kay
collects the sales tax at time of order, based on the shipping address.

Example:  Customer has $10 gift card, her total order is $25, tax rate of 6.6%
Subtotal: 25.00
Tax: (25.00x.066) 1.65
Discount: 10.00
Total Amount Due: 16.65

If the customer's order is less than the total discount, calculate tax on total amount and enter on Weekly Accomplishment Sheet as "Unrecovered Sales Tax,"

Example: Customer has $10 gift card, her total order is $6.50, tax rate of 6.6%

Subtotal: 6.50
Tax: (6.50x.066) 0.43
Discount: (Apply entire gift card)   10.00
Total Amount Due: 0.00
Unrecovered Sales Tax   0.43

How are commissions calculated from team members?

Commissions are calculated based upon number of active team members, and include the team member's initial inventory. 

What is the Preferred Customer Program?

Preferred Customer Program (PCP) is designed by Mary Kay to give you an affordable way to send quarterly mailers to all your customers. 
See Tools/Preferred Customer Program for further info.

What third party discounts am I eligible for as a Mary Kay Consultant?

See discounts for listing of current discounts.


Is it better to use full size products or samples for appointments?

Use full sized skin care, foundations and lip gloss. Place small amounts on sample tray.  Samples for eyeshadow, cheeks, lipsticks--one sample per customer, this prevents "double-dipping".