How to Pack and Set Up for a Party Video

How to Play PINK Marketing Game at your parties

How to Pack Supplies for a Party
Basics for ALL Parties
o Starter Kit
Demo Roll-Up Bag
o Customer Profile Packets:
   -Customer Profile page
   -Set Sheet page
   -Sales slip
   -Beauty Book
o Refreshments
o Sample gifts
   -Mary Kay sample
   -1 candy
   -small ziploc bag 
   -shred (optional)
o Thank You Gifts
   -Lipstick, lip gloss or mascara sample
   -Lip liner (if you put lipstick or lip gloss in) or eyeliner (if you put mascara in)
   -3 candies
   -shred (optional)
o Headbands, cotton pads, pens
o Tickets
o Botanicals, TimeWise Repair (optional)
3 or more Book to Look cards in boxes or bags
o Hostess Thank You Book to Look box or bag

Pedicure Items
o Satin Hands Set
o Botanical Mask 1
o Mint Bliss Lotion
o Tubs and Towels (1 per guest)
o Gallon-size, clear, plastic bags (2 per guest—NOT grocery  bags)

Makeover Items
o Makeover Goodie Bag
   -Eye Color Card to match your customer's eyes 
   -Eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss, mascara, sponge-tip applicator, & cotton pad
   -3 candies
   -Shred (optional)
o Foundation and Eye Primers
o Tools: spatulas, sponge-tip applicators, mascara samples or wands, q-tips, makeup wedges 
o Foundations: mineral powder, CC Cream, Crème to Powder, liquid
o Concealers
o Firming Eye Cream

Dash Out the Door Items
o Dash Out the Door Goodie Bag
   -Lipstick or lip gloss
   -Mascara sample
   -3 candies
   -shred (optional)
o Foundation and Eye Primers
o Cream Eye Color in Beach Blonde
o Tools: spatulas, sponge-tip applicators, mascara samples or wands, q-tips, makeup wedges  
o Foundations: mineral powder, CC Cream, Crème to Powder, liquid 

How to Pack Inventory to Sell at a Party
Pocket 1
o TimeWise Cleanser
TimeWise Moisturizer
TimeWise Day Solution
TimeWise Night Solution
Microdermabrasion Set

Pocket 2
o Foundation Primer
o Ultimate Mascara—black
o Beach Blonde cream eye color
o Black eyeliner
o Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover
o Eye Primer
o Firming Eye Cream


Pocket 3
Satin Hands Set
Mint Bliss lotion
Botanical Mask 1
Folded up Satin Hands bag

Pocket 4
Skinvigorate brush w/ 1 head on
The second head cut out of the plastic tray


Tie a bow to tell you the skin care type  inside the bag. (We use PINK for normal to dry and PURPLE for combo. to oily.)

Custom Makeover Set Sales Packages 
Cello bag            3 eye colors
Cheek color        Lipstick
Eyeliner              Lipgloss
Lip liner              Compact 
Compact Cheek Brush               
Eye Applicators
  Tie with a cute bow and add a fun tag.!  (Let customers know it includes everything but the mascara.  It’s a $114 value, sell for $99.)
Party Outline
o Thank hostess
o Introductions/Getting to know you (10 minutes)
o Give agenda, mention individual consultations (2 minutes)
o Explain games (2 minutes)
o Introduce Mary Kay & her amazing company (start Beauty Book)
o Demo product (20 minutes)
o PINK game (Marketing—5-10 minutes)
o Talk about sets & specials (5-10 minutes)
o Individual Consultations (5-7 minutes per guest)