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#ima10 Make this a September to remember! Daily focus on being a 10!
When you achieve one or more activities in these categories in a day
I will post your picture on this flyer!
Are you a 10! Yes! You are! Daily BEE....#ima10
10 Leads
10 Referrals
10 Booking
10 Items Sold
10 Interview

Challenge for the week of Sunday, August 9, 2020, to Saturday, August 15, 2020. Achieve the goal and select a beautiful pair of EARRINGS!!!!

Pictures & Scripts For Your Customers!

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Scripts & Instructions.
During this season you will achieve greater results with an excited personal phone call. Leave a message if necessary then follow up with a text.
Step I
Approach 1
Mailing Product Samples
Miracle Set
Microdermabrasion Set/Charcoal Mask
Invitation Script:
Hi _______! Do you have a quick minute? Having a Virtual Spa Get Away Anti-Aging Party on Saturday at 11:00 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. I'm mailing complimentary Anti Aging Spa Packages. Be my guest on ZOOM! Would you love for me to mail you a packet? Your support means the world to me. Will you be my guest? What time is best the for your?
Approach 2
No Samples - Buy product sample containers from Amazon and make a sample of the Ultimate Miracle Set.
Same script as above.
Approach 3
No samples and no containers
You are the face model! I'll instruct you step by step so your guest see the total transformation of your skin right before their eyes.
Hi_________ Do you have a quick minute? So excited! Having a Virtual Anti-Aging Spa Get Away Party on Saturday at 11:00 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. Be my guest on ZOOM and see the transformation to younger, more radiant skin right before your eyes. Your support means the world to me! Will you be my guest? What time is best the for your?
Step II
With samples/observation guest
After You Book The Appointment
looking forward to pampering you/seeing our models skin with a Virtual Beauty Experience Spa Get Away at -----
experiencing the Anti-Aging benefits right before your eyes!
This is what you will need to do prior to our appointment.
  1. Download the Skin Analyzer App.
  2. Screen Shot your results
  3. Share your results with me prior to our appointment.
Only if she has the samples/you are the model.
This is what you will need
5 minutes prior to our Appointment.
1. White wash cloth if possible.
2. A mirror
3. 2 Large bowl full of HOT water.
  1. Hand Towel
Get ready for your skins transformation.
Looking forward to pampering you!
Step III
Meeting ID
Dwauna Maura is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 884 782 2303
During The Spa Get Away I'll prompt you when you text these pictures during the session.
Closing Script:
Did you love the transformation And what you saw? Would you like the I Deserve It all package which includes The Ultimate Miracle Set, (Miracle Set & Microdermabrasion) Miracle Set, The Basic, Hydrogel Eye Patches, Charcoal Mask and Travel Bag will be my gift to you!!!
Wait for her response! Don't speak until she replies.
Share prices never say dollars.
The Ultimate Miracle Set includes:
Miracle Set $110
Microdermabrasion $55
Hydrogel Eye Patches $40
Charcoal Mask $24
Travel Bag $35
Write up her order and the asks:
Text the results from your Skin Analyze App. Discuss addition needs or concerns.
How would you like to take care of your order Zell, Cash App, MasterCard, Visa, AMX or cash?