Training Summary of the Beauty Experience

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Packing List
Beauty Experience Flipchart 1.0

Booking Your Beauty Experiences
Supplemental Booking Training
Coaching Your Beauty Experiences

Hostess Packet Checklist
Wrap up cute and hand out when you book your next Beauty Experience:
Beauty Experience Packages are based on the number of guests attending.
Beauty Experience Packages
(Hostess Plan) with $120 for $35
Beauty Experience Packages
(Hostess Plan) without $120 for $35

For those who wish to offer a
different Hostess Plan
Beauty Experience Bridal
Skin Care Packages
Beauty Experience Bridal
Color Packages


Beauty Experience Sample Invitation
Beauty Experience Blank Invitation
Type over this invitation with a program
like or Piccollage

Skin Care Set Sheet Color Set Sheet
Bridal Skin Care Set Sheet Bridal Color Set Sheet

Platinum Package Outline Product Descriptions
(How to describe treatments)
Games while mask is drying
Tip: Laminate the Set Sheet and have guests tally points on the back with dry erase markers
Have You Ever
Which Is It (Marketing) Fabulous Referral Game
Three things to accomplish while the masks are drying

Tips for how to do a great Beauty Experience

Charcoal Mask Info Sheet Bio-Cellulose Mask
Revealing Radiance Facial Peel Microdermabrasion
Marketing Survey Referral Sheet
Packages Set Sheet