Jennifer has been building her career with Mary Kay since 2009. She became a Independent Sales Director August 1, 2010.

She is married to her husband, Lee, and they have an amazing daughter, Sarah Grace. She loves spending time with her family, reading, traveling, and spending time with her Mary Kay family.

Jennifer and her Jewels Unit have earned four free cars during her Mary Kay business. She has earned a Chevy Malibu, Chevy Cruze, and two Chevy Equinox. She and her amazing team will be finishing qualifications for Pink Cadillac in September of 2017!

She has been on the National Court of Sharing once, achieved the Princess Court of Sales each year in her business, been a star consultant every quarter since the beginning of her business, and was awarded Rookie of the Year in the Lowe National Area in 2011. Her highest check has been $9,600 for one month.

Before Mary Kay, Jennifer was a school teacher and also was in administration for an engineering company. Because of Mary Kay, She was able to replace her income and become a full time Mary Kay consultant, which has brought a lot of their family's dreams to a reality. She loves teaching women to love themselves, grow their confidence, and make dreams come true. Jennifer loves being able to give to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation and volunteering. Her favorite part of her Mary Kay business is the flexibility to be able to have the life she loves.

Jennifer is excited about where Mary Kay is taking her and sharing this amazing business opportunity to every woman she can to give them the life they deserve.