Well I was needing that new Lash Intensity Mascara, and at my gym I always saw that pink caddy sitting in parking lot but never knew who drove it. One day as I was getting to gym I saw this sweaty but cute woman going to the pink caddy, well I jumped out of my car and caught her and that’s when I met my Future Director we exchanged names & numbers. Well after a several weeks not being able to meet up with her because I was just so busy!
We met up again in the parking lot, both leaving the gym. She said what are you doing now!  I said following you home to get that mascara!
WELL I left with that mascara AND my Starter Kit. I loved the products and with 3 girls I loved the Idea of getting it for half off.
Well time passed and Trisha always wanted me to go to meetings I was just SO BUSY and really wasn’t interested in selling. Well again GYM she said we are going to Wild Retreat and really would like you to come to this one meeting and I will leave you to be the personal buyer.
So, I went to this Wild Retreat and LOVED it, came home told my husband I was going to drive a pink caddy and always he said if that’s what I wanted he was behind me (my biggest supporter).
So, I made the decision to go ALL IN.
Shortly after that I entered DIQ and debut on April1st as a New Independent Sales Director.
I am ALL IN and Loving it!
Going to the Top
Independent Sales Director
Sheila Foster