Skin Care Class

3D Skin Care Class REVISED 

How to Book Parties From Parties & Facials

Coaching at the Booking Phase


Hostess Coaching Checklist

Steps for Effective Hostess Coaching

*See more on hostess coaching on your InTouch website, Education,
MK University, Step 5


SHOT Program:  Free Product Program for Hostesses

Shot Brochure


Outside Order Form

Before the Party Checklist


Recruiting Post Card  

Recruiting Gift Certificate


(See 2 minute video for packaging instructions)

Click here to watch Recruiting Packet video


Miracle Set 3D Placemat


Set Close Sheet

Miracle Set 3D Tray
VoluFirm Tray
Botanicals Tray


Botanicals Placemat

Botanicals Info Sheet

Clearproof Placemat

Clearproof Info Sheet

Repair Placemat

Repair Info Sheet

Foundation Shade Chart


How to Assemble Your Mirror

How to Assemble Your Roll Up Bag



The Best Relationships Are Built On Trust

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NEW - Print a few and have handy at your skin care classes in case
the topic of parabens comes up!