Jennifer Guidry is married to Beth and mother to beautiful 5 year old twin girls, Allie and Avery. She was introduced to the Mary Kay products early on because Her mom, Becky, became a consultant when Jennifer was only 2 years old. She was a consultant for 28 years until she passed away. Knowing the products were great Jennifer finally became a consultant in July 2011 to get her products at cost, her twins were only a month old!

She quickly saw the Mary Kay way and became a director and earned her first car within her first year of beginning her journey all while teaching high school Social Studies. Since then, she’s been able to retire from teaching and is now a work from home mommy.

In her first year as a consultant, Jennifer was on the Queen’s Court of Personal Sales and earned her first free car. She has been a STAR consultant for over 20 quarters, most of these as a Pearl STAR. In her first year, she was the #1 Consultant in the Simpson Area Court of Sales and Recruiting.

As a new director, Jennifer finished On the Move, Fabulous 50’s and Honor Society to earn her Triple Crown ring and finished 3rd in her debuting class. After only 6 months, she earned her second free car.

Since then she has been on the Queen’s court of Personal Sales 4 times and Queen’s Court of Recruiting 3 times, once in the Top 20 and had numerous monthly gold medals and last year her unit added $400,000 Circle of Achievement and this year is honored for the second time with the prestigious title of Triple Star and Her unit just picked up their 2nd Pink Cadillac. Her highest check has been over $11,000

Jennifer loves the flexibility that Mary Kay allows when she can work with her children and schedule her work around them. She has met friends from all over the world and loves that her relationship with God has been strengthened through her work. Had her mother not introduced her to this opportunity when she was only 2 years old, she wouldn’t be where she is today. She is grateful that her mother said yes and that she did also.

Jennifer looks forward to finishing her National Area in 2017 and raising her girls as Mary Kay children!