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Mary Kay Facts

* In brand recognition, Mary Kay is #2 in America... #1 is Coca-Cola.

* In distribution, Mary Kay is #1 in America... #2 is Proctor & Gamble and #3 is LL. Bean.

* Statistics in the year 2018 show that it takes at least 1.9 to 3 million dollars to retire in America today.

* Working mothers who earn between $15,000 and $30,000 per year are taking home poverty level pay or below after travel, parking expenses, childcare and taxes.

* Mary Kay has more women earning over $100,000 per year than any other company in the world.

* Mary Kay has more women who have made over a Million dollars than any other company in the world.

* For seventeen years, Mary Kay has been named the best-selling brand of skin care and color cosmetics in the United States.

* The average income of a Mary Kay Director is $5,000-$25,000 a MONTH. This does not include any personal sales she is making, that would be extra income.

* Of each retail dollar, 79% is given back to the Mary Kay sales force.

* Mary Kay is a dual marketing system, and its plan is studied in 6 of the top 10 business schools in America, including Harvard.

* Over $125 million worth of FREE cars are earned and driven by MK consultants.

* The Pink Cadillac is the 2nd most recognized symbol in the world. #1 is the Coca—Cola symbol.

* There are no territories or quotas in Mary Kay. You decide your work effort and earnings.

* Mary Kay is a Multi-Billion Dollar Company and is completely debt free.

* Mary Kay is listed as one of the Top 100 companies in America to work for, and is in the Top 10 for women, and is the only cosmetic company on the list.

* Mary Kay offers optional ongoing training, even though you are your own boss.

* A $30,000 per year job pays $13.80 per hour. In Mary Kay, your profit from the sale of three (3) lipsticks is $22.50, not including tax benefits.

* The average National Sales Director earns $300,000 to over a Million a year.

* According to FORTUNE magazine, Mary Kay women are the highest paid women in America.

* Mary Kay spends more money on research and development of their products than the #2 through #8 cosmetic companies combined guaranteeing the consumer cutting edge...

* These are just a few of the reasons I love this company, what I do, & truly think it’s the best opportunity for women. Come fly with me!


Overcoming Objections by NSD Gloria Mayfield Banks


Objection: Im not like you. I know youre not like me. Im not looking for people like me. Im looking for people who are like they are. Im good at what I do because I like who I am. Youre going to be good at what you do because you like who you are. And I know that you know that you have blessings that you could offer people that I may not have. I dont need you to be like me, I need you to be like you and share you with other people. So is there any reason why you couldnt take 45 minutes to one hour to listen to what I have to say?

Objection: Oh, I dont have any time! Oh, I know you dont have any time. Most of us dont have any time. But, let me just ask you this, if making some extra money is really something you want to do, what are you going to do to make extra money? Know the FEEL, FELT, FOUND method. I know how you feel, I felt the same way to, but what I found was.

Objection: Im not the sales type. Have a sheet of paper and have her tell you Tell me about the sales type what do you consider the sales type to be. Whatever she says, you write it down. Like Pushy and you ask her Did I appear pushy at the skin care class/facial? Was I aggressive? I understand how you feel, I felt the same way too. What I found is that sales is a profession and that everybody sells something. You wouldnt have on the clothes you have on if someone didnt sell you something. You wouldnt have your hair done the way you do if someone didnt sell you something, you wouldnt have the purse you have if someone didnt sell you something, you wouldnt live in the home you do if someone didnt sell you something. You wouldnt have the car you drive if someone didnt sell you something. Everybody sells something. Guess what, you sell some- thing. You sell your kids on this, you sell your husband on this. All of us sell something all the time. But tell me, if I could teach you how to be good, could you learn?

Objection: I dont have time. I understand how you feel, I was extremely busy when I came into MK and I didnt have time. But what I found was my need for the extra things was more important than some of the other things I was doing with my life and I found the time. I dont know how youre going to find the time, but what I know is when you want some­thing bad enough most busy women find the time. If I find out what you need and then explain what we have in MK, and then were going to decide if the time we spend together is worth it. If what we have and what you need match up. So lets talk about your time.

Objection: I dont want to obligate my friends. I know how you feel. I found that once they tried the product they were thanking me for sharing it with them. There are no finer skin care products on the market today. Your friends will love the special attention you give them.

Objection: My husband wont let me do MK. Share that there are a gazillion stories of successful MK women whose husbands were not supportive in the beginning. But we know that most men love Money! Lets first decide if this is something you want to do, then your 1st big sell is to sell your dream to him tonight. Give her the Consider the Possibilities tape. Try to watch it with her if you can its only 14 minutes!! Answer her questions/objections right then.

Objection: I dont have the money. Just look at her shell ask why just say Well if you dont have the money, then you need to do MK! I am so challenged talking with kind sharp women who dont have disposable cash and I am sitting on an opportunity that will give you complete control over your ability to have cash. Tell me, when will you be ready to be in a position where youd like to have complete control over disposable income whenever you want.

Objection: This isnt the right time for me. I understand how you feel. If someone had asked me at a skin care class it wouldnt have been the right time for me either because Id have been thinking about all the circumstances not all the benefits. Now Im going to ask you to do one thing, because most of us think of all the reasons why we cant do it, now Im going to ask you to think about why you could. Lets talk a minute about why you could do something, and then lets talk about why you cant. (Turn it around so they can think in the right process.)

Objection: I hate parties. I understand. So did I. Isnt it great that besides skin care classes, we have facials, On the Go appointments, Trunk Shows & other ways of earning money? That way we can give each customer the personal attention she deserves.

Objection: I need to think about it. You know, if MK interest you, why not give it a try? With our product buy-back guarantee you have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain! Sitting on the fence of indecision is very uncomfortable, let me reserve your place in our unit training session next week and lets work together to make MK work for you!

Objection: Im just not the type. I understand your thinking a Beauty Consultant should look like she just stepped out of Vogue, right? Our Queen of Sales for the entire Company one year was a woman who was 77 years young! Isnt that great? Thats because physical beauty isnt what counts in a MK career, its the inner beauty of a person that makes her successful.We have a prize-winning recipe for beautiful skin & all you have to do is share it and teach it to others. There are so many women out there who would love to finally learn how to care for their skin. If I could teach you to do what I do, you could learn, couldnt you? I think youd be great or I wouldnt ask you to join MK.

Objection: Im afraid to stand up in front of people.I know how you feel. I felt that way too, but I found my first few skin care classes were with friends and it helped me to relax.

Objection: Im a single parent. I need the security of a job. Thats exactly why I thought of you. IN this career, your finances are not based on someone elses opinion of you, but on your ability to make as much as you want. In this company, you can really determine your own security.

Objection: I really dont know anyone. Perfect! This career will give you an opportunity to meet so many people. All you need to know is one person. Thats how it all starts. One person tells another and so on and so on.

Objection: I think I will wait until Just a thought on that: With all our product publicity, many women will be wanting facials and wanting to hear about the MK opportunity. They could be YOUR customers and recruits! Why wait until ?

Objection: I think Im too shy. I understand how you feel. I felt the same way too. But I found that once I had completed my training classes, I felt confident. I think Mary Kay is the best self-improvement course available. Besides, we need shy people to sell to shy people!

Objection: I knew someone who did this and failed. Im afraid that will happen to me. Its too bad about your friend, but its unwise to judge your success or failure by what she did. It is my responsibility as your recruiter to help you get on your feet and believe in you. I know you will do great or I wouldnt invest my time in you with training.

Objection: I dont wear makeup. Absolutely no problem. MK is not about makeup; it is about skin care. I know of no one who is not interested in good skin care. Glamour is just icing on the cake.

Objection: I have never sold cosmetics. No problem. If I could teach you to do exactly what I do, do you think you could learn? And then teach other women?

Objection: The time just isnt right for me now. You know, thats like saying that once all the traffic lights have turned green youll begin your trip home. Youll never get home waiting for circumstances like those! The time to do anything will never be perfect, but we weigh the pros and cons and make our decisions anyway. Most people can make a decision within 24 hours, can I call you tomorrow for yours?

Objection: I am too busy. I am a busy person too and thats why I chose you. You see, busy people make the best Consultants. They are usually the most organized and get things done.

Objection: My children are too small. Perfect! You will love the flexibility this career offers. You schedule the hours you want to work.

Objection: I already have a full-time job. Super! You will have a lot of contacts for your first hostesses. A lot of women sell MK products part time for extra income.

Objection: I love my job. Great! Could you use some extra money? How do you know you wont like this career as well? You owe it to yourself to at least hear all the facts.

Objection: I dont want to impose on my friends. I can understand your feeling that way, but let me ask you, did you enjoy your facial? Do you like our products? Did you buy the products for yourself or for Susies benefit? Did you feel imposed upon or were you eager for the skin care class and eager to take your products home? Youll be providing your friends and acquaintances with a valuable service, and theyll appreciate it! Lets make a list of people you know who would enjoy a complimentary facial.

The 4 P's

Picture: Discover what she is like. "Tell me about yourself" or "What has been going on in your life since the last time we talked?"

Purpose: Discover her desires. "What brings you joy?"

Passion: Discover what drives her. "Tell me about a time when you were proud of yourself."

Possibilities: Discover her dreams. "If money and time were not constraints, what would you want to be doing a year from now?"

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