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Practice Faces Script
"Hi Jane, This is _______________ do you have a minute? You are never going to believe what I am doing! I just joined Mary Kay (I know, isn't it crazy!). As part of my training, I need to do 30 practice faces in the next 30 days. Can you help me out?
Set the time and day (Thursday at 7:30pm or Saturday at 10am (at my studio in Layton)

Then say: Would you be willing to bring three or four people I don't know to help me get these faces done? I will give you a $5 gift certificate for each guest who is 21 or older and doesn't have a MK consultant.

Great! I will send you a reminder and directions the night before if that'll help? Thanks!

The night before: Hi! This is ___________ with Mary Kay. I just wanted to check with you to see how tomorrow is looking for your
appt, if it'll still work for you? Let me know either way so I can plan my day and get you directions." 

If texting or messaging, start with: "Hi! This is ___________. I have a quick question for you. Do you have a sec?"

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