Get ready to heat up your business this November, as we’re giving you the ultimate key to sales success. Double Credit Sales is back!

From November 1 to 30, you’ll earn double credit on all Section 1 product orders** toward the Queen’s Court of Personal Sales*. 

Here’s how…
You’ll earn $1 in bonus credit for each $1 in estimated personal retail production received from November 1 to 30, to a maximum of $4,000 retail bonus credit** toward the Seminar 2019 Queen’s Court of Personal Sales, in addition to the monthly estimated retail maximum of $13,000. 

Plus, for each $1 in estimated retail production on Section 1 orders placed by your unit members from November 1 to 30, you’ll earn $1 in retail Seminar bonus credit toward the Seminar 2019 Circle of Achievement* and Circle of Excellence* – to a maximum of $60,000 in retail bonus credit. 

This exciting promotion will set the stage for Court of Sales success. Plus, it will count towards Seminar 2019 Circle of Achievement* or Circle of Excellence* for Independent Sales Directors! Just imagine the doors of sales success you can open this month… 

Ready, Set, WIN Lynda!

November 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019
Are you ready for 24 hours that will engage, celebrate, educate and motivate you to go further in your business than you ever thought possible?

How about the opportunity to spend time with the ultimate boss babe – General Manager Lynda Rose – in your Spring Into Success city?

Great news! At the end of the contest (February 28, 2019) the Spring Into Successlocation on each weekend with the highest percentage of Red Jackets* (Star Team Builders, Team Leaders, Future Directors & DIQ’s) registered, based on their total registration count for their city, will Win Lynda at their location.

What will the two winning locations** earn?
  • An up close opportunity to be inspired by our GM, Lynda Rose
  • Red Jackets at the winning city location who Win Lynda will earn an invitation to the special luncheon with Lynda Rose, along with their Independent Sales Directors
  • A special gift to all Red Jackets
So grab your besties and reserve your spot at this exciting event; one that will put a spring in your step and set you on the path for success during the home stretch to Mary Kay’s biggest event of the year – Seminar!


Booking is the lifeline of your Mary Kay business. The more parties and classes you book, the more potential sales (and new team members) for you! The Power Booking Plan – 21 Day Challenge is taking the direct-selling industry by storm. Hundreds of Mary Kay independent sales force members from around the globe have taken part in this epic challenge to boost their business, and you can too! 

Ready to learn all about it? Get started now! Independent Senior Sales Director Candice Loeppky will walk you through the challenge step-by-step, including her own personal success tips! Candice is proof that new faces really can take you places! 
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