Christen started her business wanting to make and extra $500 a month

-In February 2015 decided to leave the "hobby" mentality behind and embrace "business" mentality

-Christen debuted as a Sales Director in July 2015 and earned her first free car, the chevy cruze

-Three short months later went on to earn her second free car, the chevy equinox
-Christen has earned 2 gold medals and mentored her unit to the #1 unit in the Locke National Area

-In April 2016, Christen debuted her first offspring Sales Director and cruze driver

-Through working her business, in April 2016, Christen was able to walk away from her job and become a work from home mom to her 3 boys

-As a first year Sales Director, Christen has been able to mentor her unit to the 350k Circle of Achievement


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my journey. I pray that you choose to embrace your God given potential of being more. My life is forever changed through this amazing opportunity!