Hi, I'm Ellen Hubbard. Welcome to our Determined Divas unit! We are creating a movement of women leading women to greatness. I’m so excited you are becoming a part of such a positive force. Entrepreneurship is the future and gives true security despite the economy. It is time for women to step into their best life now, to overcome obstacles, believe in themselves, and build a business that can create the lifestyle that they never knew was possible. God first, family second, career third. I believe in women, and I believe in you! I’m so excited to work with you and see you grow as a person while helping others in the process. You will be compensated in direct proportion to the amount of women you help. The more you invest into the lives of others, the more abundance will flow into your own. Our company is about Enriching Women’s Lives. We work hard, play hard, have fun, and

Mary Kay is about more than a lipstick. This is a positive mentoring program that teaches women to be successful.  We have amazing products, great part-time income, and strong leaders moving up. Our National, who was previously a Kindergarten teacher, retired earning $800,000 a year here in Mary Kay. We are carrying on her legacy and that of Mary Kay Ash herself. Join our movement!

We are determined divas building the Hubbard National Area! Let’s make miracles happen together.

Ellen Hubbard