Began her career in March of 2003

Earned her first Mary Kay Car in 2004

Became a Director in 2005

Gold Medal Winner

Star Consultant 52 times

Named Most Improved Unit-Go
Give Retreat 2007 

7 Company cars

1 Pontiac Vibe, 1 Pontiac Grand Prix, 5 Pink Cadillacs

Court of Sales 5 times

Court of Sharing 3 times

Triple Star Achiever 2 times

Cynthia's highest commission check in one month is over $13,000

Cynthia has lead her Pack of Stars Unit to the

$300,000 Unit Club
$350,000 Unit Club
$400,000 Unit Club
$450,000 Unit Club

$500,000 Unit Club


In 2003, Cynthia began her Mary Kay business as a summer job before returning to teach elementary school in the fall. After being in Mary Kay for a little over a year, she decided to "retire" from teaching and pursue her Mary Kay dream. Cynthia and her team had "good vibrations" and earned the Pontiac Vibe in six short months and she debuted as a Mary Kay Sales Director two months later. Two years later, Cynthia picked up her platinum Pontiac Grand Prix and is now driving the trophy on wheels, Pink Cadillac. Cynthia has earned 5 Pink Cadillacs. Cynthia has led her unit to the $300,000, $350,000, $400,000, and $450,000 unit club several times.

Cynthia has earned many honors in her Mary Kay career. She has been a Star Consultant for 48 quarters. Cynthia has also been a gold medal winner. She has been on the Princess Court of Sales and the Princess Court of Sharing in the Emerald Go-Give Area and also on the Court of Personal Sales 5 times and on the National Court of Sharing 6 times. And an honor that she is most proud of, being recognized at New Sales Director week as one of the top five units in production. Also, at Seminar 2007 Cynthia was awarded the Most Improved Sales Director in the entire Emerald Go-Give Area. In 2009, Cynthia was #1 in the Emerald Go-Give Area for Sharing.

Cynthia lives in Wimberley, TX with her husband Cory and two beautiful girls, Rayna age 13, Raygan age 10, and her handsome son Rayder age 7. She enjoys being active in anything athletic, being outdoors, having girlfriend time, and spending time with family.

Cynthia finds great joy in enriching other women's lives through this amazing Mary Kay opportunity and celebrating the victories of all the women of excellence that she works with. She has found that through growing and developing other people's goals and dreams, she is working the plan that God has set for her.

Cynthia's proudest moment was driving her oldest daughter, Rayna to kindergarten in a pink Cadillac. (A promise Cynthia made to Rayna when she began her business.) She has gotten to relive this dream 2 more times, taking all 3 of her children to Kindergarten in a Pink Cadillac.

Cynthia's Mission: 
To help women become all God created them to be ... Servant Leaders, growing HIS kingdom one face at a time!

Listen as Cynthia shares the Fast Fun Facts about the Mary Kay business: