Wichita Falls Area
Mary Kay Studio: Success Meeting
every Tuesday 6-8pm
1501 Midwestern Pkwy., suite 100,
Wichita Falls, TX 76302

$15.00 monthly dues per consultant (or $5 per meeting).  As a new consultant your first meeting is FREE!

Mary Kay only asked one thing from her consultants – that in a man's world we always look like a lady!  In honor and respect for her, we always wear PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE to our meetings!  Along with a dress or skirt, professional attire includes a shoe with a heel and hose.  You only have one chance to make a first impression – make it a spectacular one!  You are a professional!

You are encouraged to always have a guest at our success meeting, because not only are you getting training but you are also building your business!  Classes start at 6:30, so please have your guests ready to go by 6:15… for the courtesy of guests and consultants please no latecomers!

The Power of One
"Let's Go" Open Your Store

New Consultant Bootcamp

New Consultant Bootcamp Part 1

New Consultant Bootcamp Part 1.2

Holding 90% of the Parties You Book

Hostess Flyer party with me
Hostess Mailer
Hostess Tracker, in Word
Money Management

Systems - Your Home Office
Time Management

How to Fill Out a Weekly Accomplishment Sheet

Dreams and Goals

How to Hold a Party

Tracking Register
Additional Supporting Doc