Shelia Evans, lives in New Braunfels, TX with her wonderful husband Larry and 3 kids, Priscillia, Allen and Dillon.

She started her Mary Kay Business in April of 04. Shelia joined Mary Kay with the intent of receiving the discount on her person product. When her first husband passed away she soon realized she could use Mary Kay as a means to make part time money. In 10 months she met a wonderful man named Larry and decided to get re-married in June of 05. She moved from Florida to Texas in 2005, and after 6 months, decided to work her MK business full time. Shelia's goal was to see if the business would really work and she was giving it one year to see if she could make a go of it. After 4 months she had Won 2 Diamond rings, 2 months later her first Free car, and 2 months later became a Sales Director and tripled her income. In the next 6 months to follow Shelia went on to win another free Car, and one year later the Dream Car, a Pink Cadillac. Shelia said, she proved to herself that Mary Kay works, if you work it. Her amazing Unit "The Soaring Eagles" are above average, Shelia always teacher her Unit not to settle for average, but Strive for Excellence!

In her MK Journey, She has Won:
Multiple Diamond rings,
The prestigious Diamond Bubble Bee Pen
She's been a Star Consultant 50 times with at least 19 times being the highest: which is Pearl!!
She's WON 7 Free Cars, and she is currently driving the 2017 Cadillac SRX and
Her highest commission check earned to date, is over $11,000.00!!!!
She's been in the National Queens Court 9 times: 8 times in Sales and 1 time in Sharing
and her biggest heart felt reward was Miss Go-Give of her parent unit in '06.
She has lead her Unit to the Circle of Achievement 9 times, with the highest being $570,000!
The Unit is Blazing the Trail in 2020 to NSD,
That's what we were meant to be,
A National Area, is all we can SEE!!
Shelia first and foremost: gives God all the Glory for her Success,
and acknowledges being consistent with a Mental Bath
and a Power Start every month.