Dear Beautiful New Business Owner,
     Welcome to Mary Kay and to our Diamond Divas Unit Unit!!! I am so excited you have decided to become an Independent Beauty Consultant and cannot wait to see the exciting things you will do with your business!!!!

     It is my job to show you your options - the most important for you to look at first is the Ready, Set, Sell New Consultant Bonus & the Ready, Set, Sell Supplemental Flier  - you can earn FREE products from the company based on the size of your FIRST order:

     Be sure to go to, enter your consultant number, create your password, and you will find a wealth of information there.   You might also like to check out the different contests and prizes the company offers.

     You also have the opportunity to earn prizes in our Unit for completing your New Consultant Training!!! We also have the adoptee program where if you move or are not in our area, I can find a local director in your area to help you with your training!!

     We also have a Unit Monthly Newsletter - it has lots of information, contests, education and recognition!

     If you will complete the NEW CONSULTANT PROFILE attached and return to me, that will help me to better help you with your Mary Kay Business!   Also, please email me a photo of yourself to use in our Unit Newsletter. 
Again, Welcome! I am thrilled that you have joined us! Feel free to contact me anytime! My cell is 405-612-1916.
I look forward to helping you achieve your Mary Kay Goals!    
Believing the BEST for YOU!!!

Click here to download your New Consultant Welcome Packet!


Click here to download the Prize Checklist!
New Consultant Checklist for Recruiters

      You made the decision to start your business by purchasing your starter kit. Now, you will decide how you want to run your business. Please watch the video below in your first 24 hours. Please contact me when you have watched the video below so that we may discuss your options.
     Use the Ready, Set, Sell brochure that is in your starter kit to follow along as you watch. If your kit has not arrived you can view it below!
1. To earn FROM THE COMPANY the Color Look, $129.00 value, your first $600 wholesale minimum order must be placed in your first 15 days.
2. You can also earn FROM THE COMPANY other FREE products based on an initial order of $600 wholesale, $1200 wholesale, $1800 wholesale,and on up to $3600 wholesale. Starting at $1800 wholesale (what the company considers a Beginning Inventory),you also earn from Mary Kay a Star Consultant Prize and a Ladder of Success Pin with real gemstone.  I also offer a prize for those who begin with a STAR order of $1800 wholesale or more!
3. I am offering a FREE Finishing Set to Qualified NEW Consultants - that means placing an initial $600 wholesale order.  Start with a STAR order of $1800 or more wholesale to also earn a monogrammed brush set from me!!!! We have fun and earn money and recognition in Mary Kay! So that you don't miss out on FREE products and bonuses, please read carefully.  I am available to help you - just email me or call me anytime!
     Your business will be off to a running start when you complete your Power Start, sharing the products with 30 women in your first 30 days  – earning your Perfect & Power Start Charms for your charm bracelet!
Perfect & Power Start Tracking Sheet

Who Do You Know Tracking Sheet
     I am so excited you are in my unit! My job as your director is to teach you how to do two things: how to be an amazing seller of this product and how to be an top notch team builder in this company. I want you to pick 10 fun, sharp women who would be willing to help you with your “Pearls Training,” and more importantly, who you would LOVE to work with! Here is a sheet to track your progress, and the prizes you will earn through your Pearls of Sharing training:
Pearls of Sharing Tracking Sheet