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The Key is the Bee Price Tag Career Path
New What Do You Think Form 9/12/14 MK Recruiting Notebook
Pat Campbell - Closing on the Spot
Pat Campbell - Intention on Signing the Recruit
Pat Campbell Closing a Skincare Party Pat Campbell the Emeritus
Recruiting with Quality Prospects New Layering Sheet
Holiday Marketing High Quality Team
MRS CAB Marketing 5 out of 8 qualities
9 Tips on Recruiting 10 Questions People Ask About MK
Amy Kemp Challenge At A Glance
Choice CD Evaluation Deanna's Followup 
Overcoming Objections
DIQ +42 Want a Large Income? 

Julianne Tribune Article Monthly Paycheck
Working Woman: The Myth 2016 Starter Kit
Recruiting Brochure Recruiting Notebook
Recruiting Notebook Pages Renegade Fish Bowl

5 out of 8 Qualities Math of Re-Orders
Overcoming Objections Flashcards It Pays to Share

Marketing Tools 6 Avenues of Income
6 Qualities and Referral Page 6 Qualities Smaller Page for Packet 
Recruiting Packet  Referrals 2 to a Page

Tell Me What You Think  Tell Me What You Think - 2 to a page
Pondered Pink Survey