Independent Senior National Sales Director 
Julianne Nagle
Sandy, Utah


Homemaker and mother

“Share the Dream”

Began, August 1987; Independent Sales Director, December 1988; Independent National Sales Director, February 2001; Million-Dollar Sales Director two times; Inner Circle three times

Motivated by:
Achievements, helping others achieve and making a difference in women's lives
My best asset:
Honesty, drive and never ever give-up attitude
My favorite vacation spot:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming



“It’s so rewarding to help women move the negativity out
of their lives and start to glow from the inside.”

I can make a difference. Independent Senior National Sales Director Julianne Nagle knows what a difference the Mary Kay opportunity made in her life. She says she doesn’t recognize the reclusive wife and mother she was 13 years ago before she started her Mary Kay business. “At first, I was so afraid of people. But once I saw how the products could transform my customers into happier people, I went through a transformation as well.”

Now Julianne’s biggest paycheck comes from the satisfaction of helping others. She loves to teach and to touch women’s lives. “It’s so rewarding to help women move the negativity out of their lives and start to glow from the inside. When they learn to live and not worry about what others think, they can move forward and succeed.”

Julianne loves spending time with her two daughters, son and grandson in a variety of outdoor pursuits, and she loves to collect antiques, especially those from the Victorian era. But her most treasured collection is a vase full of marbles she received the night she became an Independent National Sales Director. “I heard a lot of commotion outside. I opened the front door and saw 100 people standing in the snow at midnight. They handed me a vase and one by one, a stream of Independent Beauty Consultants, Independent Sales Directors, and their families came up and put marbles in the vase. They shared with me that each of those marbles represented a life and how I had made a difference in that life!”

Julianne says, “The greatest accomplishment was not that I completed Independent National Sales Director-in-Qualification, but it was the culmination of what that vase of marbles represented. That’s what it's all about. I know I’ve truly succeeded because I made a difference.”