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     Working your business consistently and tracking your results is the key to every Beauty Consultant's success! You will want to track your sales on the "POP Sheet" or a "Weekly Accomplishment Sheet" (Check with your Director for preferences). Each week at Unit Meeting, you will want to share your tracking sheet with your Director so she can review your results and offer additional training to help you reach your goals!

     Working consistently and using these "Navigation Tools" will also allow you to earn your Coveted National Area Victorious Women Pin and Area Charms to wear with pride! Your Director will report your accomplishments to Julianne's office at the end of each month to participate.  You will receive HUGE Recognition on the Area Wide "Steppin' Up Call each month and will be on Julianne's "radar" as a runner headed for a HUGE GOAL!!

Those who POP 10+ month during the Seminar year will ALSO WIN the PRESTIGIOUS "HEEL TO HEEL" RACE and earn a SPECIAL CHARM from Julianne! POP 12 months and receive a SPECIAL PRIZE from Julianne!

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Choose your Tracking Sheet!
(Ask your Director which tracking sheet they recommend!)
POP Sheet Version 8.0 (Excel)
POP Sheet Version 8.0 (Excel 97)
Blank POP Sheet Version 8.0 (Excel)
How to Fill out your Version 8.0 POP Sheet (PDF)
Download the Weekly Accomplishment Sheet in MK Intouch