Independent Senior National Sales Director 
Kristin Myers
Roanoke, Virginia



"Supermassive Black Hole"

Began, January 2002; Independent Sales Director, November 2002; Independent National Sales Director, June 2011; Senior National Sales Director, July 2015; Million Dollar Independent Sales Director, 3 times; No. 1 Independent Sales Director Pearl Seminar twice; No. 1 Independent Sales Director nationwide once; Millionaires Club (has earned more than $2 million in commissions during her Mary Kay business)

Motivated by:
Influencing others and breaking records
My best asset:
Vision and Commitment
Favorite vacation spot:
Rome, Italy


“…Our family is healthier because of my business.”

A Family Affair. Independent National Sales Director Kristin Myers learned the value of work ethic as she was raised on a fruit farm. “If there was a truck coming to pick-up a load of apples at 6 a.m., then we were all outside at 3 a.m. picking apples,” Kristin shares. “My childhood taught me that hard work is honorable and shows a person’s character and what they’re really made of.”

It was Kristin’s mother who introduced her to Mary Kay when she hosted a skin care class for a friend. Kristin loved the product and decided to start her Mary Kay business some time later so that she could earn some extra money to buy Christmas presents. She didn’t intend for her Mary Kay business to become her career as she was busy keeping up with her four children; Lucas, Marcus, Isabella and Thomas, however shortly after starting her business her car broke down. Kristin decided that with hard work and dedication she could earn the use of a Mary Kay career car. Five months later she picked up the keys to that career car. It was then that she realized the possibilities for her business and her journey of discovering her full potential began.

Today, Kristin enjoys the flexibility that she and her husband, Randy, enjoy thanks to her Mary Kay business. “We are so grateful to have the ability to completely focus on our children and being the very best parents that we can be. Randy and I are the only parents who are able to both attend all of our children’s field trips! Our family is healthier because of my business.”

Kristin also considers her Senior, Independent National Sales Director Glinda McGuire, as part of her family. “She is like a second mother,” explains Kristin. “Glinda is always there for me whenever I need her to be and I can’t imagine this experience without her by my side.”

As an Independent National Sales Director, Kristin looks forward to continuing to become the woman that God intends her to be. “I am passionate about changing women’s lives and passing on this incredible opportunity to others. And in the process, I continue to grow and learn while building security for my family’s future. There isn’t anything better!”