Congratulations and welcome to Mary Kay & Future Legendary National Area.
I am excited to be working with you as a brand new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!

I am your Independent Sales Director; your Senior Sales Director is Leah Dade, coaches and your biggest fans. We can’t wait to celebrate your successes!

Faith, Love and Belief,


Congratulations! You have started your business, now what do you do from here?!?
Simply complete the following FIRST STEPS within 48 HOURS of receiving this packet and you will receive a FREE FULL-SIZE MARY KAY AT PLAY LIP GLOSS!
Check off each star as you complete the step!
1. DREAM BIG! What are your long-term goals? What are your short-term goals? What is the first thing you will do with your Mary Kay Profit?

2. Set up a separate Personal Checking Account or Savings Account for your Mary Kay business

3. Log onto using your consultant number and create your password. On the homepage, click on the box that says “First Steps,” and register for the Limited Time First Steps Offers (Personal Website, ProPay, Business Cards, Ready Set Sell Brochure). Apply for the MK Chase Visa Credit Card (MK Connections) More information on the MK Chase Visa on page 10 of this packet.

4. Schedule a time with Leah to discuss your inventory, make an educated business decision, and place your order.

5. Schedule your New Consultant Orientation with Leah.

6. Make a list of every woman you know with skin. This is your contact list and will help you get your business off to a strong start. There is a contact list on the next page to help you get started as well as ideas on who to write down! The goal is to have 50 contacts on your list.

7. Email Marie at with a recent headshot of yourself

8. Set up your Voicemail Greeting on your Phone (Ex. “This is, your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I am sorry that I missed your call. If you could please leave your name, number and message, I will return your call within 24 hours. Thank you so much & make it a great day!”)

9. Upon completion of these First steps, please call Marie at (973) 864-0548 to redeem your FREE FULL-SIZE MARY KAY AT PLAY LIP GLOSS!

Contact List Contacts - In addition to the obvious
How to - New Consultant Basics Important Communication Tools
Scripts to Get You Started Creating an "I" Story
      You made the decision to start your business by purchasing your starter kit. Now, you will decide how you want to run your business. Please watch video below in your first 24 hours. Please contact me when you have watched  the video below so that we may discuss your options.
     Use the Ready, Set, Sell brochure that is in your starter kit to follow along as you watch. If your kit has not arrived you can view it below!
10 Ways to Purchase Inventory
     Your business will be off to a running start when you complete your Power Start, sharing the products with 30 women in your first 30 days  – earning your Perfect & Power Start Charms for your charm bracelet!
Power Start Plus Tracking

     I am so excited you are in my unit! My job as your director is to teach you how to do two things: how to be an amazing seller of this product and how to be an top notch team builder in this company. I want you to pick 10 fun, sharp women who would be willing to help you with your “Pearls Training,” and more importantly, who you would LOVE to work with! Here is a sheet to track your progress, and the prizes you will earn through your Pearls of Sharing training:
Pearls of Sharing Tracking Sheet
Earn your Pearls of Sharing