To my Amazing National Area:
     As we complete another Seminar Year and our Golden Anniversary as a 50 year old Company, I have spent some time reflecting on my 22 years in Mary Kay. I am now in my last 5 years with the Company and it is somewhat bittersweet to think about having only 5 more years to work in this arena as a National Sales Director. Debuting as a NSD in April 2002, it seems like just yesterday that I was appointed to this position and have been serving as a NSD for over 11 years.
     What the next five years hold for us as a National Area only God knows for sure. As I continue to work to serve in my position I have only one focus….I intend to leave a legacy of Leaders who will become National Sales Director with my focus on debuting five or more new Nationals in the next 11 months. This process is already underway and what I know for sure is that God never gives us a desire without the ability to realize the dream.
     Our founder and exceptional Leader, Mary Kay Ash, in her brilliance designed the position of National in order to have the right women to be keepers of her dream. She knew her NSDs who she called “daughters” would be beacons of light for women empowering them with a mission and purpose. She wanted us to have a place to create a life of abundance and fulfillment so that we would fall in the love with the process. She understood that women could have it all provided they were happy and joy-filled putting their faith first, family second and career third. What a visionary she was.

     To that end, I thought of all the places I have been in my career – from the valley experiences to the quantum leaps.  I have loved the journey and have learned from every experience amazing life lessons that have made me better as a Leader.
     So it is now divine timing that we become an Inner Circle National Area this year. Will this be a quantum leap? Without a doubt !! Will it require that we grow in leaps and bounds? Most definitely!! Will it require that we trust a power greater than ourselves? Absolutely!! Will it require that we move individually and collectively as one? Of course. Have we ever been here before?

     When I became a Sales Director debuting in 30 days with 52 unit members when only 30 were required. That was a Quantum Leap. When my personal unit did $1.1 Million in 6 months debuting 11 new first line Directors and 26 Directors in one year. That was a Quantum Leap. Debuting a National Area with 52 Directors in 2002 was a Quantum Leap and becoming a Diamond Circle National Area (one step away from Inner Circle) in 2006. That was a Quantum Leap. So my question to you is this. Are you ready for a Quantum Leap in your business now?
      If you are ready to run with me this year to another Quantum Leap prepare your mind to receive and act on new information, a new vision and great expectations. We will get the job done and I cannot wait to see God unfold a year of miracles and magic. Watch for my blog on this website as each writing will teach you about what it is to experience a quantum leap. This is your year. This is your time. Come with me as we move to our next level.
Believing in each of YOU always!!