3D Miracle Set Party Supplies 
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closing sheet is double sided 
TW 3D Miracle Set Closing Sheet page            

Skin Care Class Outline      

Other Closing Sheets
3D Miracle Set Closing Sheet for Laminating Sets without Special Pricing

3D Miracle Set Closing Sheet for Laminating Sets with Special Pricing

Customer Info half sheets to use with Laminated Beauty Menus
Did You know with Fabulous Game Customer Info Sheet with Fabulous Game

Fabulous Referral w/PT programs Half sheet Double Sided

Customer Info sheet with Did You Know Half Sheet w/Fabulous Referral Game


Hostess Packet
What to put in a Hostess Packet Part Time Programs
$100 to Party With Me Hostess Packet $200 Free Party With Me Hostess Packet
Totally Fabulous Hostess Program Hostess Bucks $25 for
$200 Free Hostess Program

Customer Appreciation Generic Invites Class Invitations

Party Print Outs

Did You Know?

Eavesdrop for an Eye Shadow Postcard Hostess Bucks
Party Supply List Skin Care Party Tray Insert with Microdermabrasion
Booking idea

21 Day Booking System

21 Day Booking System Scripts

HOSTESS INVITE , Coaching Texts and Preprofiling
Once the hostess is booked send a customized picture template using the free pic collage app with her information and then send the text below it to her to use to text out to her guest list..

Then send this text immediately following the picture...

Can't wait!!!! Go ahead and copy & send the pic above along with the text below to more of your friends than you'd like there because usually only 1/4 will show. And please send me the names & numbers of those who have said yes so I can reach out to them about their skin type, so that I’m prepared. 

 Personal message to send them....
"Hey girl! I wanted to give you a heads up to save the date! I’m having a super fun Mary Kay New Year New You Beauty Experience on Sat 1/20 @3pm! You're gonna love my consultant! She really knows her stuff!! We're all gonna look 15 years younger! ❤️Lol...I'd love to have you there... Are you able to join in the FUN? Please see the invite below!

And when your girlfriend responds with a "Yes”, send her this message  ....   

"Great! My Consultant, Susan, will be reaching out to you via text with a couple of questions about your skin so that she may have your tray and goodie bag customized just for you. Can’t wait to see you then!”

Then when I have the guest list I use these pic texts to confirm and pre-profile guest.

A few days before the Beauty Experience I send this picture to my hostess...

Finally...after the party  I follow up with thank you cards to everyone that came whether they purchased or not and the cycle starts over again for those that booked