I started my business like so many others, NERVOUS yet EXCITED! 

I was a busy wife and homeschool mom of four girls between the ages of 3 and 13, and although I loved being home with them, we desperately needed additional income or we faced losing our home to forecloseure.

Having NO college degree, my choices were limited to getting a full time job making minimum wage or start a home business that could give me the flexible schedule and unlimited income that I was seeking.

Who would have guessed that the opportunity I was looking for would have been found in skin care and make up. To be quite honest, I had tried other home businesses, and really didn’t think this would be any different so I said ‘NO’ to the opportunity for over a year!

Facing financial ruin, I decided to attend an event to get more information. After hearing the speakers share their stories, seeing how EXCITED they were, and learning about the income potential, I became intrigued to know more. It was after reading our company founder’s autobiography, that I fell in love with her heart! I had always had a passion and desire to make an impact in the lives of others and I believed that God had a plan and purpose for me that went beyond my home and my community. This was my opportunity to pursue that dream.


I have four daughters

Problem was, I didn't know ANYONE I could sell to because I was new to the area. Then I found out that my company would teach you everything you need to know, including how to find leads...and anyone that is teachable and coachable can also learn the simple steps to create success.  

Second problem was that I didn’t have the money to get started.

We were already behind on our monthly bills. But I knew that in order for things to change in our lives, we needed to change some things in our lives and do something different.

Although naturally introverted, I have always been a make a way, find a way kind of girl.  So, on faith I used our electric bill money and I opened my business. I joined nervous, shy, short on time and knowing few people in the area. But, I joined with a dream. A dream that I could change my life and ultimately impact the lives of others.  


My daughters,  Amber Norman and Kara Norman

I picked up my starter kit on a Wednesday, and did my first party that Friday and with absolutely NO training, I sold almost $600 to 4 women and got REALLY excited!  I thought, WOW, just imagine when I know what I am doing!

I really wouldn’t have believed that God’s plan would have unfolded through this opportunity, but I soon realized that not only was this the perfect place for me to make money, and have a flexible schedule, but also gave me the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others with a company that held the same values as mine of putting God first, family second, and career third.

One thing I have learned since starting my business is that you have unlimited income potential and if you would work as hard for yourself as you do for someone else you could be a wealthy person. Athough I know being wealthy doesn't buy happiness, having extra money gives you choices and with choices comes the freedom to impact the lives of your family and the world around you. 



My husband is Corbit and we have been married since 1992. Here we are at our daughters' weddings in 2014.

I had heard there were more women earning over $100k/year in my company than in any other company in America and I met several who claimed to make $10k and $20k a month, and that gave me hope.  I also knew that if 3 million people sold it, it couldn't possibly be a scam.  3 million people don't get involved in something that's a scam.

About 1 year into my  journey I made the decision that I was ready to really build my business and during the next four months, built a team of women, and became a Sales Director achieving a position in the top 1.5% of the company and earning my first FREE Car!!

In today's unsteady economy, all women need a Plan B income and this company is a great plan B for women of all ages! Our company awards over 300 free cars every month and 75% of those cars go to women who are also working full-time jobs.

Now, I don't tell this to you to impress you, but just to impress upon you, that this can be an excellent source of income when you need it to be.  My highest check in one month has been over $6500 not including personal sales profits. If you need to make an extra $1000, $2000, $3000 this month, it is VERY possible and realistic and you can fit it in between your kids, your job and your busy schedule. 

Autumn Sheridan married to Jeffrey Sheridan

Today, I lead a team of incredible women in multiple states!! My mission is to help women KNOW their worth, and to inspire them to live each day with PASSION and PURPOSE through casting vision, builiding dreams and empowering lives!  

Our unit is made up of women from all professions!!  We are busy professionals, nurses, stay-at-home moms, teachers, grandmas, successful entrepreneurs and college students. There is no cookie cutter for a successful beauty consultant. Any woman with determination and faith can be a success. 

This opportunity  has made me a more confident person, a more positive thinker and has taught me how to successfully manage and run my own business. It has been better than any self-improvement, entrepreneurship or leadership course I could have ever taken in college.

Kaela Revell married to Alex Revell

Today, I don't have a BOSS!  I set my own hours and work my business around my life.  I wake up when I want, I go away when I feel like it and I can spend time with by husband, my children and the ones I love.  Don't get me wrong, I still work hard, but it's on my own terms. I feel blessed to be able to share with other women that you truly can have it all: You can be home, you can be a wonderful mother, MiMi,  an amazing wife and you can run your own lucrative business. Most importantly my priorities have remained and I am able to keep faith first, family second and my career third.  

Maybe you are reading this and thinking that you want to help others, learn how to be an entrepreneur, make more friends or overcome your shyness.  Or maybe you need to make an extra $200 a week or you have a desire to make millions so you can give back to others. Whatever your desire, this opportunity can  be the answer to your prayers.

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