More Month than Money!! Working long hours for little pay!! Needing a place to be myself!! Perhaps the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was receiving a work related call from my boss on my HONEYMOON!?! WHAT?! I was licensed as a stock & commodities broker and worked as an Operations Manager for a brokerage firm in Sun City, AZ. I was in that industry for 13 years. I worked 50- 80 hrs a week… If I had a weekend ~ there was nothing left over. I was stressed out, wigged out and seriously needed to get out! I knew the stress was not going to allow me to continue in the banking industry for long. I needed to create a “Y” in my road or CHOICES in my life. But, I was stuck … or was I?! Perhaps I just needed the right platform; good income potential, unlimited opportunity ~ if I iinvested even one half of the time I spent in the brokerage firm could I soar? Of course, it had to be a place where I owned the business and could basically sign my own paycheck! Did this opportunity exist????
    Having invested time, money and education into learning the brokerage business, and obtaining my licenses; selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds was a natural fit. It was sales, which meant I could write my own paycheck. However, did I want the pressure of selling a product with no offer of guarantee to my customers? 

     My mother in law, Gloryann Koester (National Sales Director, Emeritus), told me about the Mary Kay opportunity and it sounded great! If fact, to be honest, a little too great. She shared there was a simple & proven plan for success, unlimited earning potential, free cars (tax, license & most insurance paid), no territories, company backed product guarantee I could offer to my customers & a buy back guarantee for me!! THIS sounded like THE RIGHT PLATFORM TO LAUNCH A BUSINESS! Being a sold out tom-boy my entire life the decision to begin was met with much fear and trembling but pushing through all the natural fears; I began my Mary Kay business in 1988 with the encouragement of my husband, Todd. 

     Todd grew up in this business and knew the benefits. That’s why I fondly refer to him as a Mary Kay brat. With God and Todd as my business partners it was still uncomfortable ~ yet doable. Due to time constrains from my full time job, it was extremely limited/part time. My goals were to sell a little (but I still managed to earn prizes & income!) and be an excellent student — learning all I could about sharing the product and the opportunity knowing the “Y” in my road was not far away. 

     The day came in Nov. 1992, I said good-bye to the Brokerage Firm & HELLO Mary Kay!! I used all that I had learned, followed a proven plan of action and after 1 year of working my Mary Kay business full-time, we earned our first free car—at the end of the 2nd year, we had the honor of being right back in Management as a Sales Director—We’ve gone on to earn 9 free cars ~ more prizes than I can count ~ I love my customers & working with my unit FULL of incredible team playing WOMEN! Todd & I remain excited today because we continue to design our LIFE with this wonderful opportunity!


     Relocated back to the Midwest in 2000 we learned the value of having no territories. Blessed with being able to travel (of course with the Golden Retriever—Cheyenne) back to the Southwest working with incredible consultants and customers. In 2009 we learned the value of UNLIMITED earning potential when Todd had to have both shoulders radically reconstructed which created a change in his life direction. This placed me in the position of sole wage earner. Todd is currently finishing his last year of college. Gotta say, only a “Mary Kay brat” would even THINK he could start college online and not know how to turn on a computer!! He caught the “can do anything” spirit from his mom’s Mary Kay journey. It has proven to us; it is not what’s taught ~ it is what’s caught that truly matters!