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Love Your Opinion Poll

At the Recruiting Interview

First of all be warm, greet her and if she hasn’t had a facial, please give her one!

Ask her about herself. To lead her, you could ask her questions like

    1. What are the things that define you?
    2. What values are important to you
    3. What is your dream job?
    4. If money were not an object, what lifestyle would you live??
  2. Tell her about you. This is where you share your I story which should comprise of
    1. What drew you to Mary Kay
    2. Where you were
    3. Where you are now showing the progress you have made
    4. Where you’re going – briefly sharing your goals e.g. dreams of free holiday, car, director etc. Remember that even while being genuine, this should line up with some of the stuff she had talked about in (1)
  3. Tell her about the company
    1. Establish credibility of having existed for 41 years in the states and making many people millionaires
    2. Tell her the quality of people we want. The aim here is to counter any possible objections that she may raise later.

                         i.      Busy people – because they know how to prioritise time

                        ii.      Family-oriented people who use family as a reason to go out and                                       work and not as an excuse to sit at home and do nothing

                       iii.      People that are not willing to rely on those they know but are                                             willing to build a neutral customer base and make friends in the                                       process

                       iv.      Not pushy sales people but people who are willing to help the                                            other woman look good.

                        v.      People that are looking to make a difference in what they are                                            earning

  1. Let her ask questions.
  2. Tell her the different options of start-up kit.
    1. Go-kit for personal use consultants
    2. Smart kit- £200 worth of products for just £85. She is suppose dot use as samples
    3. Ready steady sell – she starts right always and gets £202 worth f products for just £120 (includes delivery) and gets smart kit for £65.
  3. Ask her – ‘Based on the information that we have shared so far is there any reason why we couldn’t sign your beauty consultant agreement today and get you started right away?’

You could end by telling her people join for many reasons and share MRS CAB(Money, recognition, Self confidence, Car, Advancement, Boss)


It’s as simple as ABC!!!
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  1. Classes:  3 – 4 women – earn 30 – 40%

          On the face:   2 hours – average £120

          On Paper: 

          On line:          £15 – 25 per hour

          On the go:

  1. Facial:  1 – 2 women – 1 hour – average £85
  2. Reorders: 65% loyalty - consumable product
  3. Dovetailing: You schedule the class, another teaches it, you share the profit (10%)
  4. Team Building: 1-2 – win Company Prizes.  For 3 or more, a 4 - 12% commission on team production. Team Leader and beyond – bonuses, cash for cars
  5. Leadership:  8 – 12% commission on personal team – between 9-13% on unit production – bonuses between £250-2,500 per month on unit volume


  1. Flexibility – work when, where, how you want
  2. Priorities – faith / family / career
  3. Prizes & Recognition
  4. Be your own Boss – No quotas, No targets, No territories
  5. Friendships
  6. Personal growth & Self Confidence
  7. Security - long established company of 40 years
  8. Control your own advancement – you decide
  9. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  10. 90% Buy-Back Guarantee – Consultants risk free
  11. Income potential – limitless
  12. # 1 Brand in USA – Top 10 company for women to work for


  1. Family orientated – Use family as reason to do more, not as excuse to do nothing!!
  2. More month than money – need extra money & interested in making more!
  3. Decision Maker – Aren’t afraid to give it a try!  There’s never a perfect time to begin something new!
  4. Very active lifestyle – busy people get things done!
  5. Not pushy / sales type!  Make people feel good & build strong customer base.
  6. Don’t know a lot of people – small group of people/friends/family will take you on from there.


  1. Fill out an agreement
  2. Purchase a Showcase (£85 or £185)
  3. Schedule your Training – 1 Full day plus as much or as little as you like
  4. List everyone you know with skin!


Ask yourself this….

What have you got to lose and what is the worst
possible thing that could happen?!

Most Consultants work Mary Kay part-time, scheduling around priorities and commitments. Could it be for you?

If not, you could be a talent scout!

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Recruiting Notebook

MRSCAB for Consultants MRSCAB for Guests

Candy Bar Marketing

All you need for a candy bar marketing presentation whether it is at a unit meeting or a skin care class - are mini-versions of the items listed below. Renee suggests that you pre-package a set of each item in plastic bags or gift bags and have them ready to go for any marketing opportunity. If done at a skin care class, Renee suggests that the presentation be positioned after foundation is applied and before color application.


Here is her dialogue:

OK, its time for a candy break. I would love to share some of the advantages of having your own business. Please pay close attention because well have a quiz in just a moment!

These are some of my favorite reasons why women begin a Mary Kay business.

Kit Kash Pay Day represents the money we can make in Mary Kay. What I love about this is that ANY day can be a PAYDAY. Some women like to have a PAYDAY once a month, some once a day. And, even if youre really part-time, this business can come in handy with unexpected expenses by spending some time on the phone to create a PAYDAY.

Big Red Gum represents the advancement and self-promotion thats available in Mary Kay. Everyone starts exactly the same way. It doesnt matter where you live, how old you are, what experience you bring with you. Any Independent Beauty Consultant can choose to move up at any time no matter how long shes been in the business.

Galaxy Milky Way represents that we have NO LIMITS in our business. Any woman can choose to advance as far as she wants to go. The skys the limit! You may not even be able to see it yet. Its whatever you want it to be. Any Consultant can truly set her own goals based on her personal situation.

Life Savers represents our AWESOME PRODUCTS. To many women, they truly are lifesavers. And Mary Kay is the best selling brand in the combined categories of facial skin care and color cosmetics based on the most recent industry sales data and actual Mary Kay sales.

Extra Gum represents the EXTRAs that are part of having a home-based business. They include being your own boss and setting your own hours so you can be with your family when you want to.

Snickers represents the girl fun we have. Many women are attracted to the Mary Kay business because of the awesome friends you make and the opportunity to meet lots of new women. Most women need more fun in their lives, wouldnt you agree?

Starburst represents PRAISE and RECOGNITION. We earn recognition for our efforts and achievements. We praise people to success AND are rewarded with Cinderella prizes like trips, jewelry even the use of a career car.

M & M's represent MEETINGS and MOTIVATION. Mary Kay is a terrific way to build a business at your own pace with lots of rewards. What sets us apart is the ongoing education and support we receive in our business.

Twizzlers represent our opportunity to be flexible. You can work this business around a very busy life and make it fit your needs. Put in a little time or a lot. It will adjust as you shape it into whatever you want it to be.

Now we'll have our quiz.

At this point, the Consultant holds up each item and asks
the guests what it represented.

Now what I'd like to do is have you tell me YOUR favorite one and
I'll give you the candy bar.

As guests choose a favorite one, the Consultant asks why they liked it.

(click here for the PDF version!)