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1. Hostess Pack: Your hostess pack for this challenge should contain:

- a short hand-written 'thank you' note/postcard acknowledging her support
- the current issue of the look book with price list
- the 4 files below:

Outside Order Form Skin Care Survey

Hostess Letter Hostess Gift Flier
2. I recommend you laminate a few of these roll-up set list and use them as placemats in your class. You can show this at your individual close after they have filled the Client Opinion poll.

3. If your hostess decides to listen to the marketing plan, for the purpose of this assignment, please print out the following '1-page-marketing-plan' and use it at your appointment

4. If your guest signs up, give her this '7-day-wonder-plan' so she can start right away! I will call her to schedule her New Consultant Orientation.

5. Don't forget to have 5 hostess packs ready at each appointment so you can book future classes immediately.