Jeff and Tracey   Prior to MK
I have been married to Jeff for 31 years. We have two children-Caleb and Abby and a Australian Labradoodle named Teddy. Caleb is 28 years old and lives in Denver, CO where he is a restaurant manager at Cherry Hills Country Club to support his passion for music with his instrument being the electrical ukulele. His band-Ghost Revue has released its second CD. Abby is 24 and lives in Dothan, Alabama where she serves as the Chick-fil-A Director of Drive-thru and is working on her Master's in HR.
Growing up Pink   Caleb, Tracey and Abby
   Prior to Mary Kay, I was a school teacher-taught K-1st for six years. I started my MK business to earn extra income; Jeff wanted the tax deductions that came from having a home based business.

   As a military wife for 23 years, I was able to keep growing my MK business from state to state since MK has no territories. After 13 moves, we have finally settled in Alabama, back in my hometown due to my husband's career post military career as a Chick-fil-A operator. During all the moving, transitions, raising two children and now caring for elderly parents, I have been able to build and maintain a successful MK business with our unit earning 14 FREE MK cars-with four of them being the Pink Cadillac.
    I didn't have to choose between mom and career-I could have both with MK!
   I almost said “no” to the Mary Kay opportunity-I was shy, new to an area, just had our first baby, didn’t wear makeup, was living paycheck to paycheck to name a few things that almost stopped me.  However, I shutter to think how different my life would be (and not for the better) if I wouldn’t have stepped out of my comfort zone over 22 years ago and tried MK. 

   I was a great student and did everything that MK Ash had written in the consultant guide to do. I ALWAYS attended my WEEKLY success events to receive ongoing training and support!
I am VERY BLESSED to represent a POWERFUL organization of women that have been a part of the Unit of Achievement-six times at the $350,000 level and three times at the $300,000 level, was recognized as the “Rookie Unit of the Year” in the ENTIRE Go-Give Area our first year as a unit and has earned Four Pink Cadillacs!!
Jeff and Tracey picking up 4th Pink Cadillac-THANK YOU MK!!    
One of my favorite Mary Kay Ash's quote-"God didn't have time to make a nobody, only a somebody. I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition."