• Success Night will start promptly at:  7pm in Greensboro, 6:30 in Winston Salem
  • There are several purposes for success night:
  1. The most important is…this should be one of your party nights, we have a beautiful center for you to bring guest to… sell product, share the opportunity and have fun!
  2. Training and Recognition
  3. Girlfriend time & Motivation
If you invited 10 women and ask them to bring a friend week 2-3 will show, invite 15 people and 5 will show! You have at least one party a week!
  • Consultants arrive: 30 minutes before meeting to set up for guest makeovers, no later than 15 minutes til please! If you are running late, please ask your recruiter or a sister consultant to set up your trays for you.
  •  Guests: Need to arrive 10 before meeting to fill out profile card and have foundation matched
  • Pick out foundation for guest prior to meeting, if your not able to match then they will skip foundation during the skin care class. 
  • If guest arrives 15 minutes late they will only get the Microdermabrasion and Satin hands/Lips treatment. You can re-schedule them for another time. So please coach your guest to arrive by early!. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
  • 30 minutes before meeting: Consultants Sign in and pay, If you have a refreshments that week place on back table. If you are a STAR put on your STAR Sash and set up for your guest.  
  • Refreshments will be available before meeting for consultants and guest.
  • Dress: Mary Kay attire/look professional..this is your image being portrayed: You can wear your beauty coat, Reds… Wear your Red Jacket (proudly) to be recognized as a Red Jacket, NO Blue Jeans please…Guest do not have dress requirement.
  • Please make arrangements for a sitter if you have small children, this is your night out to have fun and grow your business. Please have your guest make arrangements for a sitter
  • Be considerate of the speaker and Greet all guest as if they were your very own.
  • Your Director will provide product prizes for guest, until further notice.  We will have 2 prize drawings each week!!
  • Facials will done each week rotating by Red Jacket or Higher.
  • Have guest fill out profile card and take their before photo (if you wish), when they arrive and have them hold on to their profile card until they go into the facial room.
  • All meetings will have a charge to help defray the cost of the meeting space. New consultants do not pay their first week. Pay upon arrival and sign in.  Or you can pre-pay for the month $15.00/ $35 for a 4 week month, checks made to your director. If there is a 5 week month, $20.00/ $45. If you do not pre-pay and do not have your $5.00/$10 upon arrival, you need to speak with your director prior to the start of event.  This cost is a tax deduction, write yourself a receipt.
  • There will be No Exceptions to guest arriving 15+ minutes late, they will only receive Microdermabrasion and satin lips. Consultants need to have all trays and water ready. Once the Skin Care Class begins, the consultant teaching will be the only one in the facial room, except for new consultants that want to watch. This is not the time to be setting up trays/matching foundation/etc.
  • When Abby and Angie are doing marketing, we ask that consultants remain seated and until marketing is over. It is a distraction to guest and the speaker if consultants are walking around and talking.
  • A Calendar will be sent by your director to you each month with the theme each week. Normally, we do skin care each week with a them..NO COLOR CARDS, NO COLOR LOOKS. Only skin care. If the theme for that week is different than skin care it will be reflected on the calendar.
  • When our National Kristin Myers comes once a month…facials and color will be one-on-one at the center from 6p-7p. Guests and consultants need to be finished and ready to go by 7pm sharp..NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Kristin travels from VA to help us build our business and her time is valuable and we always want to respect her time.
  • Mom’s night out – We ask that guest do not bring children. Teenage daugther’s are completely fine. This is a mother’s night out and it is distracting to other guest and consultants. When your coaching your guest, encourage them that this is a moms night out and to make arrangements to come and have fun without children. I do not want to be in the position of asking women to re-schedule who bring small children. Please help avoid this.
  • Please pre-profile your guest, if they are using a different skin care line besides the miracle set…..please let the person doing the facials know.

 All consultants will need to bring supplies for facials. Please bring your product in your roll up bag. Any additional supplies needed Director will email you prior to event.
  • Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover
  • Time wise 3-in-1 Cleanser – Normal to Dry and Combo to Oily
  • Timewise Age Moisturizer – Normal to Dry and Combo to Oily
  • Day and Night Solution
  • Microdermabrasion Set
  • Timewise Firming Eye Cream
  • Satin Lip Set
  • Satin Hands Set
  • Skin brush (Optional)
  • Foundations/Primer (Liquid and Mineral) use what your guest prefers or what is best for her.
  • Dash out the Door Supplies: Ultimate Mascara, Lip Gloss samples or Lip stick sample
  • Liquid Foundation Brush and Mineral Foundation Brush,
Additional Supplies: Facial Clothes, Bowls, Beauty Book, Eye applicators, Mascara Applicators, Facial Tray, Facial Mirror, Roll Up bag Sheet, Hostess packet you want to give to your guest to have for follow up apt. RED JACKETS need to have MK agreements!!
When preparing for facials please have your tray ready with products on the tray, a bowl beside the tray, mascara applicator, beauty book, cotton bowl and tear ur facial cloth in ½. This will allow them to remove cleanser and use the other half for satin lips. So the consultant teaching does not have to leave the room to change water. We Will have a separate bowl in facial room with facial cloths in it for the consultant teaching the facials to use for microdermabrasion.

  1. Welcome… Music , Directors introduce each other, Dance
  2.  Introduce guest – (10min) 
  3. Consultant Recognition (15min) – Star Consultants stand, DIQ’s, On-targets, REDs, , New Consultant Pinning with their senior,  Career Path advancement pinning, Queen of Sales (pick prize), Award Bees for Career Chats, Queen of Recruiting..(pick prize), Pearls awarded,
  4.  Facials will start by 7:25. (45 min) - Guest will go into facial room or open forum in large room if special event or topic (Consultants will have training and sharing, Directors will award prizes to the consultant with highest number of bookings and to the consultant with the highest reorder.)
Facials - take off makeup with oil free makeup remover
3nl cleanser
Day/night solution
Microdermabrasion – (on back of hand)
Eye firming Cream
Satin lips (do referral game) give them 2 minute to complete
Foundation primer
Foundation (should already be matched and on tray) IF it is not…then the guest will not be receiving foundation.
Facials should be no longer than 30 min should be finished by 8:00
Consultant doing facials will do the referral game
Have guest make their wish on back of profile card.
  6. After Facials - When the consultant teaching has finished presenting roll up bag sheet. Lead consultants out of facial room quickly.

7. Marketing Game  – Will begin right after individual consultations
We will then do prize drawing.
– Ticket Marketing Q & A
8. Consultants will have individual consultations with their consultant (10- min) If you do not have a guest please assist your sister consultant with consultations and treat them like your own guest. Go over profile card, roll up bag sheet, book follow up apt and solid follow up time if your guest is a B or C for your director to follow up. (If your guest is not staying, book a follow up career chat).
Finish at 8:30pm.