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Mental B.A.T.H. Calendar
   What my BATH taught me:  
     Change your thoughts, change your life! My husband gave me a card telling me how proud he was of me when I completed this quarter's star! He is a very supportive husband, but this card was so much more than just a congratulations! It told me that not only was I changing my attitude- but changing how my family saw me and my business. We are having family meetings, talking about the kid's goals, talking about our daily goals, weekly goals, etc.  I know that we would never have treaded through these questions if I hadn't started my BATH after fall camp!
     I have a great job and my husband has a great job- so I didn't have the motivation to really WORK my business. Doing the BATH got me out there, thanking the universe for everything, saying what I wanted out loud and then going for it- nothing stopping me until I reach my goal!! The work I did in December has my calendar full through February! The mental BATH works and I am one living example to affirm it! Working on another 20 day BATH to keep this up through March!!! Disneyland is just around the corner!  
Jessica Askin

     Thanks so much for your creativity in designing the Mental Bath!!! I tell you this time around, I am more determined to make it a part of my every day life. Since I started and completed my first 30 days of the mental bath, my personal MK business has had a quantum leap!!
     I am doing classes and facials weekly, my sales are up and reorders are amazing. Why? Because I AM FOCUSED, IT HAS IMPROVED MY MOTIVATION, AND MY GOALS ARE CLEAR. I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING AND HOW I AM GOING TO GET THERE. Xtreme Team, 30 + faces & $1,000 Wholesale per month. 
Love & Hugs,
Maggie Handy

     I am thrilled with my results from doing a Mental B.A.T.H. everyday in January!!!  After doing just one booking a day for 4 weeks in a row, no ifs ands or buts, I'm seeing my business totally take a turn for the BEST!  During the last week in January, I saw 9 faces, and as a result, I added 1 new team member in January, and I've already done 5 interviews in February.  Its the 4th today.  Love it! I also have 3 more interviews, 5 parties, and 17 facials on my books for the rest of this month.  And now that I've got my consistency down, I'm doing 2 new bookings a day in February.  
Look out! Jessica's back!
Jessica Knickerbocker (Lyon Unit) 

          I started Mary Kay back in May 2009.  I joined after going to a girls night out in SLC and the opportunity was presented to me ( I circled an 8).  My consultant (Saralee) had been helping me for two years, but never shared the opportunity with me because she thought I had everything I needed.   What she didn't know was that although I am a stay at home mom and my husband works very hard to provide for our family- I needed an out. I started just to get the discount and save some money, but when I saw where this opportunity could take me and many other women, I dove right in.   
     My 2 girls are both under three so I don't have too much adult interaction so getting out and spending time with other women is just what I needed.  It has also been hard for me because I came from a corporate background, and even though I feel being a mom is one of the toughest jobs out there, I just needed something MORE!  I also wanted to have my own money again.  My husband knew every time I bought him a present or went out to lunch with some of my girlfriends.  This was the first Christmas in three years that he didn't know what he was getting.  I also want to provide my girls with everything I had and more ...  I want to pay cash for their college education so when they graduate they do not have any debt.  I want to take them on wonderful family vacations, and I want to be able to spend time with them at their school activities when they need me.  Before MK I always thought about getting a job again once my girls started school, but now I have found the perfect career that will give me great pay and the flexibility I want for my family.  I have loved working my business, getting out with other women and helping other women achieve their goals.  Especially being able to stay home with their kids if they want be-cause I know how blessed I am.   
The things that have helped me to get where I am in my business today are: 
1. Extreme team meetings and the conference calls.
2. Spending time with Tammy- I do everything I can to win contests to spend more time with her. I love being around successful people!
3. Unit meetings and conferences.
4. My Wonderful directors- Debi Christensen & adopted Dir. Krista Johnson
5. The Mental Bath- it is so nice to wake up in the morning say my affirmation, get in the shower and listen to a tape, get a booking or more, and end the day with a positive note by calling the hot-line.  It helps keep the negative thinking away.  It also forces me to work on at least 1 booking a day, but usually when I get started I feel like I am on a roll and keep going.  My Power hours of booking calls are an hour while my girls are taking their naps and Monday nights.  I have been doing the mental bath now since fall camp- don't know exactly how many days, but it is a habit now and I love it!  I know it is going to help me get to the next level- car driver and director.  My favorite cd so far is Tammy's blueprint set, but I also really enjoy Rena Tarbet's set (if a woman battling cancer can do this so can I).  Just listen to your leaders and do it- IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!
6. I have also basically given up T.V. just because it is soooo negative.  I have learned I have so much more time to get things done.
7. Surrounding myself with the best women in the world- MK women who are so positive and fun.
8. Intelliverse.
9. A supportive husband!
Fun contests and recognition- Disneyland here we come!

Erica Kinnersley - Christensen Unit

     When Tammy challenged us to complete our Mental B.A.T.H. for 30 days at Fall Camp, I knew it just what my business needed. I have been in Mary Kay now for 2 and a half years, but have suffered from inconsistency. I'll finally get the courage to make phone calls, and it will last about a week, before I fall back into my comfort zone, and put off those phone calls for one reason or another. And, by this point in my business, I was tired of not seeing the results I have wanted. Since I started, my goal has been directorship. But it's been a losing battle for me since day one for one reason-my inconsistency.    
     How could I expect amazing results if I wasn't consistently putting the product on faces or making sure my datebook was full? You can't expect to receive something out of nothing! And now that I have quit my job to stay home with our baby, we are feeling the financial pinch. We NEED Mary Kay now, and I needed to step it up. It's my time to take advantage of the opportunity, and taking a BATH was just what I needed!  
     When I started the challenge, I was a little worried because of the holidays. The past two years, I have made up stories in my head about people being too busy to book, so why even try? As a result, my business stalled and the following Januaries fizzled. I spent the next two months trying to rebuild and gain momentum again. It's true what they say-if you stop working one month, it takes at least another month to make up for it.  
     But this time it would be different! I put the Mental B.A.T.H. chart up on our fridge and had smiley face stickers to place on each day that I completed it. I told my husband that if he didn't see a sticker that day, I couldn't do anything until it was filled. I loved feeling the inspiration every day when I called the hotline or listened to my cd's. I got a lot of great ideas to help my business and amazing inspiration! After about a week of doing it, I also noticed something else. While I still had a fear of the phone, because it doesn't necessarily go away, I had the confidence I needed to overcome it each time I dialed the number. There were times I'd sit with the phone in my hands thinking, "Oh, what am I doing? It's too close to the holidays, I can't do this, etc". But then I'd look at my chart, and just get over it. All it takes is dialing the first number. I also learned to really love scripts. I don't have to worry about what I'm going to say because it's right there in front of me! 
     Because of my consistency in December, January has already been promising. I have a lot of great potential team members, and the month is filled with bookings. I have several great referrals to work from, and wonderful new customers. I am also very close to reaching my goal of submitting DIQ on my birthday-February 1. I have momentum now for the new year and I have created a very effective habit that will take me to my goals. All this time I had been floundering in my business, wondering why it wasn't working for me, and all I needed to do was take a BATH! 

~Jennifer Day 

          I started my Mary Kay business on Oct. 26, 2009.  I had a huge need as my cute son "Matt the Cat" Maw broke his neck in a tumbling accident on Feb. 23, 2000. As a result of the accident Matt is quadriplegic.  He now has a amazing wife, and a cute three-month-old son and a daughter due the end of January.   He also lost his job last August.  Because he requires more than most of us to live, his expenses are higher.  Having lost his job just in time to be a Dad was not a good thing.  I wanted to be able to help him and his family and needed more income to do so.  Therefore, I began my Mary Kay career. 
     I always admired Matt's positive attitude and his work ethic.  As a teenager he was on the National Tumbling Team and was preparing for Indo-Pacific Games in Japan.  He would get up and drive to Pocatello, Idaho to train with the best double-mini coach, the he would drive from Pocatello to Ogden to train with the best trampoline coach and then go to Roy to train with the best tumbling coach.  He spent his summer training hard.  He was committed to his goal.  His training and dedication paid off and he had great success in Japan and brought home the Gold! 
     The Mental Bath is like the training that Matt did for tumbling.  Making a booking each day keeps you in business, because everything begins at a skin-are class.   The affirmation helped me to believe that I could do it.  The tapes (CD) helped me to stay positive and learn more and enjoy my Mary Kay business, and the hot line always had an upbeat thought and encouragement. 
     The results of the mental bath helped me to be a Team Leader and do my first month of car qualification in my second month in business.  I'm glad for the challenge and encourage everyone to take a Mental Bath each day. Lisa Madsen is one of my best friends now.  (She doesn't know it however)  but, I listen to her CD almost everyday. I relate to her and what she says.  
     My affirmation is kinda silly by it helps me believe that I can do it!  I composed it on the drive from Fall Camp.  I sing a little song that goes like this: 
"I'm a Cadillac driver director you see, I have a team of 203. Everyone's being drawn to me, I'm recruiting everyone that I see.  I'm helping 30 women to be, Cadillac Driving Directors like me!" 
     I know that's pretty corny and if you heard me sing it you would most likely laugh, which is okay be-cause I was not blessed with a great singing voice.  But, it doesn't matter, because it makes me feel better and believe that I too can be a Cadillac driver.   I also tell myself "I can do it" and each time I say out loud "I can do it" my belief increases and my fear decreases. 
     I also believe that if you just "DO" whatever it is that Tammy and our Directors ask us to do we can all be successful.  A quote I like says "That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our ability to do is increased."  I believe as we persist in doing Mary Kay and are consistent all things are possible. 
Paula Miller