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Color Close Sheet
Customer Profile
Group Skin Care Class tray insert How to prepare for the Group Skin Care Class
Start Something Beautiful 6 Avenues of Income
Additional $29,250 a year

Power Booking Plan

Power Coaching Plan

Power Selling Plan

Power Team Building Plan

(Put in a binder with labeled dividers)
01 - Consultant Goal Cover Sheet 02 - Personal Business Tracking
03 - My Team Tracking 04 - Marketing Follow Up
05 - Weekly Plan Sheet 06 - Daily Plan Sheet
15 Minute Recruiting Notebook Kendal's Recruiting Notebook

Clear Proof Facial Instructions Botanical Effects Facial Instructions
TimeWise Repair Facial Instructions TimeWise Miracle Set Instructions
Skin Care Set Sheet Party Trays
Customer Profile Fabulous Referral Game
Fabulous Referral Game Script Deal or No Deal Labels
Color Set Sheet (assemble in a cello packet or sheet protector w/ a Look Book)
Winter 2014 Makeover Portfolio Quality Prospects
Click here for the Makeover Portfolio Booking Script
Customer Profile Hostess Packet
Weekly Plan Sheet Skin Care Survey
Booking Scripts PowerPlayers Focus Folder
Reminder Letters $10 Gift Certificates
$30 Gift Certificates $1,000 Postcards
$1,000 Day Tracking and Scripts How to Have a $1,000 Day
Individual Close Deal or No Deal
Customer Profile How to Pack for a Skin Care Class

(cut in half and assemble with a Look Book in a cello packet or sheet protector)
All Natural Botanicals Facial Tray Anti Aging Facial Tray
Basic Facial Tray Party Set Up
Party Set Up Party Set Up
Rosann's Party Outline Makeup Artist Sheets
 Individual Consultation Set Up Party Invitation
Deal or No Deal