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1. Turn in your WAS by Monday at 10pm and receive:
100 MK Bucks for every $100 in sells.
100 MK Bucks for every interview.
1000 MK Bucks for every new team member.
100 MK Bucks for every new face you put the product on.
100 MK Bucks for submitting your WAS.
1000 MK Bucks for every $100 in wholesale ordered that week.
100 MK Bucks  for every layer (sharing information about being a MK consultant electronically ie video, dvd, tape, cd, phone call etc).
100 MK Bucks for every day you post something positive on our PowerPlayer Facebook page.
500 MK Bucks for finding Darci in the Weekly Newsletter and emailing me where she is by Monday at 10pm.
2. Receive 500 MK Bucks for turning in
'Committed Tracking' by Monday at 10pm or
having your Focus Folder updated.
3. 1000 MK Bucks for every Bubble Sheet completed.
4. 500 MK Bucks for having your Weekly Plan Sheet filled out for the week.