Welcome to the Parker’s PowerPlayers!

   I am so excited to be the first to welcome you to the best business opportunity for women in America! You must have a million questions running through your mind right now, and that is normal. I was so excited when I began my business back in 2006 that I wanted to know everything…right now! Be patient with yourself. Open up your heart and mind to the endless possibilities that lie before you.

   Please promise yourself that you will be a good student. You can learn everything you need to know about makeup in one day, but it will take longer to learn about yourself and others. You will learn many fun and rewarding skills as you journey through Mary Kay.

   I am excited to have you in my unit. The reasons I share this opportunity with women are very dear to my heart. I am so glad you have decided to join me in being part of such an outstanding opportunity. Together we can make our dreams come true! I am here to help you through this learning process. Contact me anytime you need me, I’m always here for you!

   A system of training has been developed just for you! Your Unit Meetings and 12 Step New Consultant Training Program are your first baby steps and should never be missed. To be informed and in the loop, you will need first and foremost to be a part of the PowerPlayers Facebook page, an email address and to download the free app Voxer. Send me your first Vox or text and I will get you started on your 12 Steps to Success Program! The 12 Step New Consultant Training Program is also listed on the menu to your right for your reference.

Enjoy the journey!


Independent Sales Director

      You made the decision to start your business by purchasing your starter kit.  Now, you will decide how you want to run your business.  Please watch video below in your first 24 hours.  Please contact me when you have watched  the video below so that we may discuss your options.

     Your business will be off to a running start when you complete your Power Start, sharing the products with 30 women in your first 30 days  – earning your Perfect & Power Start Charms for your charm bracelet!
Track your power start with your monthly tracking sheet

Bubble Sheet
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Party Procedures tab for everything you need to know
about hold your skin care classes!

     I am so excited you are in my unit! My job, as your director, is to teach you how to do two things: how to be an awesome seller of this product and how to be an awesome team builder in this company. I want you to pick 5 fun, sharp women who would be willing to help you with you earn your pearls and more importantly, who you would LOVE to work with. Here are the prizes you will earn through your Pearls of Sharing training: 
Click on either image below to view how to earn your
Pearls of Sharing or to print your Contact List, Script and Marketing Schedule!